Losing weight isn't just about exercising more and eating less!

There are plenty of blockages when you want to lose weight. It already starts with your thought: "I want to lose weight and I will start tomorrow". Once you've started, often after a couple of days or even after a day you have already stopped! Another obstacle is that you get even more cravings for wrong kind of foods, while in fact you should pay more attention not to eat it. It's like the word losing weight triggers something in you, which actually makes things worse and makes you feel like you're being punished. Why is this, where or those kind of blockages come from? In fact, your thought says: "I am not allowed to eat anymore" ... your feeling puts you in a prison and your body revolts, as it were. Your body asks for more, like a small child that continuously asking for more candy!

Did you know that certain types of foods can block hormonal signals that cause the body to “think” that it is starving and make you want to eat even more and exercising less or that the satiety system is not working properly, so you are eating more and not even know it! Being able to recognize these blockages is therefore an important first step in controlling your weight. Because if the simple thought of “eat less and exercise more” were the solution, half of the population aren't obese! If you can recognize these blockages that stand in the way of successful weight loss and makes it clear which ones are affecting you, you can also treat them.


Good treatment starts with a correct diagnosis!


During the guiding process you will learn where your obesity has the basics and why losing weight hasn't worked for you. You will gain insight into the latest developments in weight management and how you can apply them directly. The advice is largely scientifically substantiated and is supported by 900+ scientific studies.

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Through a questionnaire we discover the blockages why weight loss does not work.

Which program

If you want to lose weight and bring about a real and long-lasting change, it is important to first identify the blockages s as in the picture above. Losing weight is no longer just about exercising more and eating healthier. Nowadays you see more and more pathogens (including viruses and bacteria) disrupt body processes, causing for example a reduced metabolism or that the thyroid gland doesn't work as it should.



Before the start of the consultation, you will receive a questionnaire by email that you can fill in and return. During the consultation we take a number of measurements and together with you we determine which treatment would be best for you.


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