Terms and conditions Innerfresh Detox Week

1. Registration

1.1 By signing the registration form and paying the amount of the week you have chosen, the participant agrees to the conditions.


2. Participation

2.1 Registration is only final after receipt of your payment. Participation is on a voluntary basis and participants are free to waive the offered program. The waiver of the program does not entitle you to a refund of the registration fee, nor does it entitle you to a substitute lesson or activity.


3. Behavior

3.1 The organization of Innerfresh expects the participants to behave respectfully towards each other and the organization. Misbehavior (drug and excessive drinking, aggressive behavior, sexual harassment, destruction or theft) is precluded from further participation in the program.


4. Damage

4.1 Any damage will be recovered from the perpetrator.


5. Liability

5.1 The organization will do its utmost to ensure a smooth and orderly course of the detox week. However, in case of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances she is not liable for any damage and / or injuries.


6. Medical disclaimers

6.1 The offered treatments, yoga / meditation / mindfulness sessions and sports / walking activities as offered are intended as leisure activities and not as a replacement for medically necessary treatments or therapy. Therefore, always discuss physical and / or psychological complaints with a qualified doctor.

6.2 Always report to the therapist or teacher prior to treatment, sessions or other activities whether you have any physical complaints. The program may be adapted to this. Participation is always at your own risk.

6.3 You hereby declare to waive any claims against the organization and personnel for any injuries and any damages that you may incur that may be associated with participating in the detox week.


7. Own risk and liability

7.1 Participation in the program is at your own risk. The organization is not responsible for the damage and / or loss of property of the participant, or for any form of physical injury before, during or after treatment, yoga class or activity.


8. Health declaration

8.1 When registering, the participant must always mention any physical and / or psychological complaints, as well as the use of medicines. Physical and / or psychological complaints that arise after booking the Innerfresh detox week must be reported to the organization immediately.

8.2 Failure to provide, incomplete or incorrect information may result in exclusion from (further) participation. Any costs resulting from this will then be borne by the participant.


9 Other payment terms

9.1 If you register within 8 weeks before the start of the Innerfresh detox week, the full amount must be paid in one go within 48 hours after booking. Payments can be made through the webshop.

9.2 The participant is fully responsible for timely receipt of the payment. The participant is in default of late receipt of the deposit and / or the remaining payment. If payment is still not received after 4 working days of payment reminder, the detox week is deemed to have been canceled on the day of default. The organization will charge the possible cancellation costs.

9.3 The participant who does not meet the payment obligations on time is owed statutory interest on the amount due from the day of default. Furthermore, any collection costs will be borne by the participant.

9.4 If, even after a reminder, payment of the amount due is not forthcoming, the organization will hand over the collection to a collection agency. All costs arising from this will be borne by the participant.

9.5 All amounts stated in publications are per person and include VAT. Unless expressly stated otherwise.

9.6 Refunds are not possible if the program is taken over by another, equivalent teacher. In this case, the participant is never entitled to financial compensation.

9.7 The program is flexible and, if necessary, can be adapted by the organization to the special wishes and needs of the group.

9.8 The participant is entirely responsible for always being present at the pre-specified times for participation in the program. Any missing or late arrival of the participant is never a reason for a refund.

9.9 The participant is responsible for the application and settlement of the possible reimbursement via the health insurer.


Innerfresh / KG Skincare only provides the necessary invoices for the actually purchased orthomolecular and skin therapy consultations.


10. Included in program

10.1 The prices include participation in the full program offered and include fruit, vegetable juices, soups and tea, dinner, smoothies, one large and one small towel, one-time bed linen per week.


11. Cancellation policy

11.1 If the participant decides to cancel, due to incurable illness or breakage, they are entitled to a refund of at most part of the participation costs owed:

Up to 15 weeks before the start of the program: reimbursement of 50% of the participation costs.

Between 7 and 10 weeks before the start of the program: reimbursement of 25% of the participation costs.

Up to three weeks before the start of the program: reimbursement of 10% of the participation costs. There is no refund after that.

11.2 In the event of insufficient registrations or special circumstances, the organization reserves the right to cancel the Innerfresh detox for a full week. In this case, all payments made except the deposit will be refunded.

11.3 The organization is not responsible for your cancellation insurance, you take care to take it out when you register and register for the Detox week you have chosen. We will not refund your registration fee yet the full amount of the Detox week you have chosen. After registration, cancellation is only possible due to incurable illness, breakage or a valid doctor's statement.

11.4 The organization is never liable for any damage the participant suffers as a result of the detox week not continuing.

11.5 Cancellation can only be made in writing or by email, with the date of the postmark or the date of email being the cancellation date. Cancellation by phone is not accepted.

11.6 The participant is fully responsible for the correct and timely receipt of the cancellation.


12. Insurance

12.1 Health, accident and travel insurance are mandatory.

12.2 The organization has the right to request proof of this.

12.3 All costs resulting from non-compliance with this obligation will be fully borne by the participant.


13. Transfers / transportation

13.1 It is possible to drive to the location together. This must be stated when booking, so that this can be organized.

13.2 The costs for this are fully for the account of the participant.

13.3 If you decide to carpool, you will be informed of the cost of petrol to be arranged with the co-driver (s).


14. Accommodation rules

14.1 It is not allowed to smoke in the accommodation.

14.2 Topless and / or nude sunbathing is not allowed, sauna is mandatory with towel.

14.3 The organization reserves the right to make changes to room layout provided that there are necessary, demonstrable reasons for this. An equivalent solution will be sought.


15. Emergencies

15.1 An emergency is an “abnormal event caused by acts of war or natural disaster”. A special situation that is caused by acts of war or a natural disaster and that is very unusual in the visited country in a certain period. Innerfresh participates in a country that is not yet listed under calamities on the list of Calamities, are still affiliated with ANVR or SGR and are not liable for any calamity.

15.2 Article 503 paragraph 3 of the Travel Agreement Act states:

If the traveler cancels due to a circumstance that cannot be attributed to him, he is entitled to a refund or remission of the travel sum or, if the trip has already been partly enjoyed, a proportionate part thereof. "

It is clear from case law on the application of this article that it must be a well-motivated and objectifiable circumstance. The travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and whether a calamity has been established by the Calamity Fund will then also be considered. In a procedure, the judge will consider all circumstances.

Of course, the traveler can decide not to go at any time, but the already paid travel sum can only be successfully recovered with a motivated appeal to the aforementioned article of law. If not, you will owe cancellation costs.


16 Correspondence

16.1 All correspondence between the organization and the participant will be made with the participant himself by email at the email address specified by the participant when booking.

16.2 The participant is fully responsible for ensuring receipt of email by correctly setting any spam filters.

16.3 The participant can never rely on e-mail not received when the organization can demonstrate that it has been sent.


17. Unforeseen cases

17.1 The organization decides in cases not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions. Taking into account local law and customs and handling reasonableness and fairness.

In order to participate in the Innerfresh Detox Week you must agree to the terms and conditions. By signing the registration form sent to you, you declare that you have taken note and agree with the general terms and conditions on the registration form of Innerfresh detoxweek.



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