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Coaching program

Have you come to a point where you don't get any progress with your health and have

you searched everywhere for answers, but didn't find one ...










You may not have a diagnosis at all! Then know that you are not alone. Many people are in the same position, struggling and suffering with some mysterious illness. There are answers and yes, you can be cured. Most likely you are in charge of toxic substances, viruses and or bacteria. These often remain in the intestines and in the liver. Do you know the real cause, then you also know the treatment.

If you do not live nearby and would like to be helped by us, you can. With current techniques it is quite simple to get advice via your computer or phone.


If you are interested, we can first call to discuss your health problems to determine whether the online program offers sufficient tools to help you with your health. We also discuss the program with you so that you know what to expect.

The program

The program lasts three months. sSometimes these 3 months aren't for a particular condition, but you will be taught enough so that you can continue it yourself. If necessary or if there is a need for longer guidance, we can always continue the program. This can be done, for example, by scheduling an appointment now and then.

You can expect to feel a lot better in these 3 months, more energy, less pain, better weight. After these 3 months you will continue to work on your health.



Before you start, I send a questionnaire by email, this gives us more insight into your health. This list provides insight into the real cause of your health problems. For example, the cause can be a virus and / or bacteria. There can also be an emotional blockage. Stress can be a big factor or your detoxification capacity is insufficient. Do you use medication and / or supplements. It is a decent list that gives a lot of clarity.


Once we have the list back from you, we will schedule the first online appointment and go through this list and I will ask you several questions to get a clear picture of the cause of the condition. During this first consultation we will discuss the program and you get enough information to start with it straight away!

In these 3 months, we schedule an online appointment every 2 weeks and you will receive your supplements after our first appointment. These will be discussed with you during the first appointment. These are good supplements with no additives added. So no color, odor, taste and unnecessary fillers. We see more and more people who are sensitive to all kind of additives, so good supplements are very important! If you have any questions in between appointments, you can email, app or make short calls. The consultations, questions in between, supplements, nutritional advice, everything is included in the price.

What you will learn during these 3 months?

You will learn about the real cause of your condition, where do your problems come from and how you can tackle this with nutrition. Which supplements are needed for this and how do you ensure that the complaints stay away?


Rate three months Coaching program € 990, -

Insurance reimbursement

You will receive 8 scheduled consultations, which are eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company. Most health insurers reimburse 40 to 50 euros per consultation. Below you will find an overview and what will be reimbursed.

Click here for an overview.

For questions you can contact Aschwin on 0651249421 or by mail:

... Do you suffer from:

Stomach and intestinal issues





Multiple sclerosis






Really having trouble losing weight?

Are you in pain, feeling sick, weak and stuck?

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