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How does the treatment work?

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Detox responsibly with our Wellness program, without a shortage of essential nutrients! According to the new diet, mild cleansing programs are much better for health than the often Spartan detoxifying diets of the past. Eating fruit for days, drinking fruit juices, herbal teas and water, without taking any supporting nutritional supplements, will make you weak, more tired and dizzy and cause a lot of headaches. This can be done a lot better! By removing all accumulated toxins once or twice a year using the complete Wellness program, you'll help the body become and stay healthy, vital and beautiful. This very complete and safe cleansing treatment optimally helps to achieve a complete detoxification of the body, without shortage of important nutrients!

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To support the cleansing we use Colon Hydrotherapy. A very pleasant, comfortable and hygienic way of working. Everything we work with is sterile packed and opened in close proximity to you.

The device we use for this is called a Colon Hydromat. It is a closed system, which means there aren't unpleasant odors. This way of bowel cleansing makes the detoxification complete.

Colon hydromat

During the treatment of about 40 minutes, filtered water is brought into the large intestine at a temperature between 32 ° C - 38 ° C, with a slight imperceptible pressure. This is done through a cannula connected to the device via a tube. When the natural peristaltic bowel movement starts, all the water flows out of the colon through the device. By massaging the large intestine, the sticky faeces releases the intestinal wall and leaves the large intestine together with the water. By repeating this several times during the treatment, much old faeces can be removed.


Our practice places very high demands on human integrity, knowing from experience that some people have difficulty undergoing this treatment. But by means of quiet background music and a towel around you, we will already take away some of your unrest. Everything is done with integrity and we will also put you at ease. Before we start the treatment, you will first receive an intake to map out your issues and to determine whether there are any more underlying health issues.

You can keep on your underwear during the treatment, when we insert the cannula we slide the underwear slightly aside. Just to be sure to bring an extra pair of underwear. As a treating therapist, you can choose between a woman or a man. They both have a lot of experience.

The treatment of IBS consists of 3 steps

Prepare, cure and rebuild. The complete course consists of six bowel cleansing and bowel function restorative supplements and a detailed program clear guide. During step two, three Colon Hydro treatments (intestinal flushes) are done, these are essential to optimally remove the released toxins in the intestines. The program guide explains step by step very clearly how the course should be followed correctly. During the intake we go through all the steps together.

Step 1: The Preparation Phase 5 days

During this phase we don't eat any animal products, because of the fat content. Animal fats put too much pressure on the liver. You also start with taking the supplements that clean the intestines, regulate the intestinal function and remove the food source of viruses, fungi and bad bacteria that occur in the intestines.

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