Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Scientists of the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study (March 2015) in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease. This study provides evidence that cardiovascular disease is an early form of scurvy. The research shows that the substance lipoprotein (a) ( 1 ) is the cause of cardiovascular disease. The body is always repairing damage in the body. In the blood vessels, the body does this by producing the substance lipoprotein (a). This will sit on the places of the damage, so that the blood vessel can no longer 'leak'. This causes the blood vessel wall to thicken and eventually to clog the blood vessel itself. Research has shown that the production of lipoprotein (a) is caused by nutritional deficiencies and especially a deficiency of vitamin C. As long as there are not enough nutrients, the body continues to produce lipoprotein (a).

Vitamin C was suggested years ago as a possible solution for cardiovascular disease, but this has never been taken up by regular care. New research shows that this turns out to be the solution.

We as humans can't produce vitamin C ourselves, animals can. You don't actually see cardiovascular disease in animals.

Research also shows that if we provide the body with optimal nutrients aimed at the repair of connective tissue (collagen) and then as the main substance vitamin C, we see that the body stops producing lipoprotein (a) and even repairs the blood vessel and return back in its original state.

The beautician has been telling us for years that we need collagen to prevent wrinkles and other damage to the skin. Our skin is also made of connective tissue (collagen), just like the blood vessels!

The treatment

The treatment protocol is aimed at strengthening the collagen. We do this with the right supplements and also those that have proven themselves as a supplement that can restore collagen and stop the production of lipoprotein (a).

Furthermore, the right nutrition is also important, we will certainly work on that. Our food remains the basis.

If you use medication, this is not a problem, the recommended supplements can be combined with medication. If desired, we will consult with your doctor and / or cardiologist.


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