Do you really want to get rid of your eczema, psoriasis or acne!

The regular therapy for skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis and or acne, mainly exists

from lubricating and keeping the skin greasy or treatments with aggressive agents, like corticosteroids. As a result, treatment consists exclusively of a symptomatic approach. The cause isn't looked into, which is necessary for a full recoveryy.

Full recovery
To go for a full recovery, it is important to detox your body from
heavy ones metals, such as mercury, lead, copper, etc. and the cleaning up of dormant viruses. 

Viruses feed off these heavy metals and secrete toxins (toxins) that build up in the skin,

which can cause different types of skin complaints. These toxins are now called Dermatoxins, toxins in the skin. You can see these Dermatoxins with all skin complaints, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hives and more. In addition, it is necessary to repair the leaky intestine (Intestinal Mucus Disorder (IMD) and rebuild the intestinal flora.

The treatment is discussed during the first consultation. If the skin is very restless, a skin specialist can provide immediate relief. We have a collaboration with Kelly Gulikers from KG Skincare . She treats the skin with non-aggressive agents, so that the skin becomes calm. Her salon is one door away, making the collaboration run smoothly. Of course its ok if you prefer your own beautician.

A reaction after 1 month of treating a client with eczema on the face with severe abdominal pain.
I'm doing pretty well. The eczema and my stomach ache are much better. Eczema is already partly gone and my stomach ache is almost gone. In addition, I also feel much fitter and I feel better in my own skin. What is also nice is that I have already lost about 5 kg, so this also makes me feel better. The use of the supplements is also going well.

Jonge Vrouw met Beanie

Various skin complaints

There are various skin complaints to mention, such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. Often these skin issues are treated superficially, the problem is, if the cause is not treated, the skin problems are always coming back.


For example, eczema is actually a chronic inflammation of the epidermis. On the skin, which is usually very itchy, red spots are visible that can turn into vesicles (vesicles filled with fluid) and pustulae (cavity in the skin filled with pus) with blisters, crusts and / or flakes. Regular therapy mainly consists of lubrication (keeping fat or corticosteroids) and is only symptomatic. In almost all children you see an energetic weakness (slowness) of the kidneys, which is caused by a toxic load or a period of dehydration. There is also a toxic burden in older children and adults with constitutional eczema, which generates and maintains the complaints. Another important cause of many forms of eczema is dysbiosis in the intestines, often with a pathogenic yeast or fungal load. In most cases there is also a “Leaky gut” with non-allergic food sensitivities. Unprocessed emotions, such as fear, can trigger many forms of eczema.


Also with acne there is an inflammation that you find on the skin around the sebaceous gland exits. Also acne can have various causes, can be hormonal or excessive sebum production. You see it mainly in teenagers, but adults can also suffer a lot from it. With acne, there is always a disturbance in the intestinal flora, which cannot always be solved with probiotics. It is a combination of restoring the intestinal flora, supporting and cleaning the skin and especially nutritional adjustments are very useful.

The treatment often happens with a beautician who performs different treatments, but never actually sees what happens inside the body. Due to the location of acne on the face, you can often immediately see where the cause of the problem is.


Psoriasis is also a common skin condition. It is characterized as a chronic disease of the skin and it is directly said that the body cannot manage to overcome the 'problem'. The disease is manifested by its sharply defined red and silvery-white scaly thickenings of the skin, sometimes accompanied by itching and / or pain. Psoriasis can occur all over the body depending on the shape and severity. The severity of psoriasis varies widely from person to person, and symptoms can also range from mild to severe over time. Psoriasis is accompanied by an imbalance in the body, especially in the liver, bile and intestine, often caused by fungi.

The relationship between the intestines and the skin has been demonstrated before. Perhaps it is less known that the intestinal flora has a huge impact on the skin. Researchers note that after the use of antibiotics, the rash in psoriasis patients worsened. A study of 100 psoriasis patients showed that 92% of the patients had fungi in their intestines. Most of these people complained of a bloated abdomen with intestinal gases, and most were constipated. Basically, they all had intestinal problems. Improvement in all patients only occurred after the intestinal flora had indeed recovered.


Do you also want to get rid of your complaints?

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