Innerfresh detox week

New: natural detox by eating based on Medical Medium


Friday March 12, 2021 to Friday March 19, 2021

Do you also want to take a break to give your body and mind a boost?

This in the middle of Belgian nature?


We have been doing detox weeks in Belgium for more than 8 years, both in the Ardennes and in the Voer region. This three times a year. In 2021 we will have to wait and see due to our detox week in May 2021 because our permanent castle Val de Targnon has stopped renting. We have therefore obtained a beautiful, cozy and modern farmhouse 'The Detox Farmhouse' where we can give our detox weeks. Because we are making a new start in our Detox Farmhouse, we also took a look at our old program. With some adjustments and wishes from previous detox guests we have put a number of things very positively on paper.

We have therefore accepted the demand for a choice menu and can now choose to detox with juice, soup, 2-day food and supplements and or detox with food and supplements.


Our staff are recognized teachers, Hedwig is a colon hydrotherapist and competence coach, Aschwin is an orthomolecular therapist and also a colon hydrotherapist, Marijke Bemelmans is a recognized yoga and sports teacher, Nicky Hardij is a recognized beautician and masseuse.


During this week, everything is done to pamper you completely, the program is so varied that you will not get bored. There is enough free time to relax in our wellness; Finnish sauna, infrared bench and jacuzzi , read a book or undergo beauty treatments / massages.


This week is a detox retreat for the mind and body.


What do you achieve by detoxing;


♥ Better peace of mind, you get back to life

♥ More energy and performance

♥ Strong immune system

♥ Positive effects on chronic complaints

♥ Regulation of your digestion

♥ Remove your toxins from your body especially in people who have undergone cancer.


This week's Nutrition Lessons from Aschwin teaches you:


♥ What detoxing does to the body and why it is so important.

♥ Bring your body back to a healthy lifestyle, with awareness in what you eat also understand.

♥ Your favorite weight comes into view and remains that weight, despite menopause in women.

♥ Using the knowledge of nutrition when you would be sick.

♥ You notice that your urge to sweets is getting less

♥ No boring diet and no time-consuming dishes, it is tasty!




























Detoxing your body and mind creates a new way of refreshment in your life.


♥ Hatha and Yin yoga by Marijke Bemelmans

♥ Meditation by Hedwig van Diermen

♥ Walking in nature with Marijke Bemelmans (without obligation)

♥ Sports such as Pilates with Marijke Bemelmans (without obligation)

♥ Creative workshop; Making a beach bag by Hedwig van Diermen (without obligation)

♥ Cooking workshop by Hedwig van Diermen

♥ Awareness of your "doing" by Hedwig van Diermen

♥ Enjoy the wellness, outdoor jacuzzi, Finnish sauna and infrared wall

♥ If necessary, an individual meeting with Hedwig van Diermen

♥ Extra to book; beauty treatments, nail technician, massages by Nicky Hardij from Zana.



Why look far when it can also be close by.  


This beautiful luxury farm, nominated with 5 stars, is located in a nature reserve where you can retreat and walk in the beautiful hilly landscape. It is located 15 minutes from Maastricht in the town of S'Gravenisjes in Belgian Limburg. The town is bilingual, namely Dutch-French. So you feel a little bit in France.


The farm is completely modern, yet cozy and spacious. The bedrooms each have a private bathroom and the beds are luxurious box-spring beds . There are two living rooms, one with a billiards table and a bar and the other with comfortable sofas.

This farm has a separate outbuilding for yoga / meditation / sports, colon cleansing, beauty treatments and massages.

The yoga and sports participations are organized in two groups.




Practical information


You will receive the program upon registration. You arrive at our Detox Farmhouse on Friday March 12 at 5 p.m. and you can choose to go home on Thursday evening after 8 p.m. or Friday March 19 at 9 a.m.


In both options (see below), if you are additionally insured for alternative care, you will receive 7 x consultation of 45 euros = 315.00 euros. You can submit this to your health insurer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

06-45066616 Hedwig.


You can pay for our detox week in three installments.


This week is open to everyone, young / older and men and women over 16 years old.


Choice A; Detox fasting for 5 days and incl. Detox supplements;

A shared room; 995.00 euros per person

One room only: EUR 1395.00 per person


Choice B; Detoxing without fasting and including detox supplements ;

A shared room; 1195.00 euros per person

One room only: 1595.00 euros per person


This amount includes your detox supplements (you will receive these three weeks before the start), accommodation, care and the entire program, but except for the beauty treatments, massages and nail styling at Nicky Hardij.


Isn't this Top! Do you feel this too, join our detox journey.

Register via and we will send you all information, the program and the registration as general conditions.



Our Innerfresh team






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