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In the middle column from the overview above you can read that we are all getting older, super good you think! Unfortunately, it is not as rosy as you might think, because in the two right columns you can read that the age when we become chronically ill is getting lower and lower! In the past 15 years, it has dropped about 10 years! On average, men become ill around the age of 47 and women even around the age of 40! In the picture on the right, 58% of the Dutch population was chronically ill! That's more than half !!

These are very disturbing figures and mean that half of your workforce will become permanently ill during the last 25 to 30 years of their careers, which will be directly associated with high medical costs due to long-term illness.

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This is and will become an even bigger expense for your company. Action is needed immediately with the right nutritional interventions.

The vitality of the employee is therefore becoming increasingly important and companies and organizations are increasingly looking to stimulate the health, involvement and development of their employees. A vital workplace ensures more job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labor productivity.

However, we are all getting sicker and it is becoming increasingly important to keep the employee who is already vital. Innerfresh has had experience with getting and keeping people fit since 2005. We have developed a program that focuses on the mental and physical health of the employee, both preventively and certainly curative!

Innerfresh can provide advice on many health areas, because we have built up a team of: physiotherapists, osteopaths, movement experts, mindfulness trainers and psychologists.

Innerfresh looks at:

* The health of your organization

* The health and eating habits of each individual

* Balance workload and private life

* Preventive medical examination

* Motivation among your employees

* How can we bring sickness and absenteeism back to your company

* We provide HR with the tools necessary to continue our program, but also provide the option for aftercare.

What health packages can we offer:

Package 1: FoodFit

What does nutrition do to the fitness and health of your employees. This by making departments / teams aware of the effect of nutrition in the workplace, such as health, eating behavior and stamina. The lectures are full of tips and tricks that the employees can use immediately and provided with enough documentation so that they can get started at home.

Package 2: On location and / or via Zoom

Duration: negotiable

Here I come to your location for a day and employees can visit me or make an appointment. In this way I can immediately give advice if the employee does not feel completely 'okay'. Consider, for example, a headache, an emerging cold or flu, with stress or stomach pain, but also make the chronically ill person more energetic. In this way it is prevented that someone has to report sick for a few days (or even longer).

Depending on the size of the organization, the number of working days can be agreed.

Package 3:   Health Commitment

Duration 3 months.

Step 1: General reading for your employees: "What does nutrition do with your work performance".

For both small or large groups.

Step 2: Preventive Medical Examination (PMO).

We measure aspects such as physical and mental health, satisfaction within the company and the effect on the home base and vice versa, eating behavior of your employees. In doing so, we take the privacy of the employee into account.

Step 3: In consultation with HR, the results of the PMO will be discussed and advice will be given on this with a treatment plan.

Step 4: In collaboration with HR, we look at which changes can be made for a lasting effect.

Package 4: Health weekend / week

We organize special health weeks and weekends tailored to your company. In consultation with HR, we choose up to 20 employees who, for example, have chronic complaints or just someone who needs it. During the weekend or week, the employee goes to work with himself on a mental and physical level. A team of therapists and teachers guide your employees. This program is completely adapted to your employees who come along.

Package 5: End-of-year Health gift voucher

Companies spend a lot on end-of-year gift packages and how nice is it to offer your employees a discount voucher for a health check with us at Innerfresh. Everyone wants to know how he / she is in their health.

Practical information

We would be happy to visit you in consultation to discuss your wishes and our working method.

Together we come to the solution to make your company healthier and more productive.

Contact us via the details below.

info@innerfresh.nl or 0651249421 attn Aschwin and Hedwig van Diermen

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