Are you sick or do you have vague complaints?

This will be a lecture that I have never done before and therefore very special! I am going to explain in detail what good and bad food does to you and which supplements you need to overcome your complaints. I will not hold back anything. I have never given such a lecture before where I will go into such detail. I will advise everyone in the group what he or she can do for themselves to get better.

I will also explain in detail what kind of supplements you can take, for example you have different Vitamin C supplements, one is not good for you and stimulates your complaints and the other is very good for you. It's about the type of fillers in a supplement. If you take a bad supplement, you can even feed the disease! And unfortunately that applies to many supplements!

And we do all this with a cup of tea and a small snack.

Come to this lecture and learn more about the cause of your complaints and what you can do about it!

This lecture is intended for people with:

- Vague complaints

- (Food) Allergies

- Pain

- Flu

- Rheumatism

- Fibromyalgia

- Pfeiffer's disease

- Cold sore

- Shingles

- Bladder infections and vaginal complaints

- Throat infections

- Sinus Complaints

- Constipation


- Acne

- Psoriasis

- Rosacea

- Kidney stones

- Blood pressure

- Dark circles under your eyes

- and more....

What are you learning?

- Which food is important to you

- Which foods stimulate your complaints

- What supplements do you need?

What do you need?

- it would be nice if you write down all your complaints on paper

- pen and paper


Date: Saturday March 7 at 1 pm, we start at 1:30 pm.
Location: Innerfresh - Alderman of Caldenborghlaan 43d in Maastricht

Price: € 35, -

Registration: can be done via info@innerfresh.n l or by calling 0651249421

Payment: can be contact or via pin.

These lectures are also given at other locations, keep an eye on the website.


Natural approach to lowering rheumatism and reducing inflammation and pain.

In the TV program of 'Doctors for tomorrow' (Look back via this link ) went

most recently about fasting in cancer and rheumatism. The program tells about a clinic

in Germany who treats Rheumatism patients by having them fast, and then continue

should be eaten vegan. In a vegan diet, all animal

products avoided. In Germany they achieve enormous successes with this and even become

reimbursed by health insurance. Result: reduction of inflammation, pain and often

stop medication!

Innerfresh has more than 12 years of experience with fasting for many health complaints and we see the same results with rheumatism as in the TV program. You can see the degree of inflammation drop dramatically, reducing pain and reducing medication. The latter also removes many side effects that are often associated with medication.
The change to a vegan diet does not seem easy, but it is actually not that bad.

At this lecture, Aschwin will tell you everything about this program. Come and listen so you can see if it suits you.

Target audience:

  • Anyone with rheumatism or related complaints. Think of Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and or other joint disorders. Of course you can also come if you do not have rheumatism, perhaps someone in your circle of knowledge has rheumatism.


Date: dates will follow
Location: -

Price: -

You can register via or call me 0651249421 !


Reuma 1.jpg

Constipation, stomach ache and gas!

In this lecture Aschwin will tell you everything about constipation, abdominal pain, gas and which Chronic

complaints / illness (possibly) associated with a malfunctioning bowel. We're going to have a look

to the cause and what its possible treatments are. Aschwin has been helping people since 2005

with a difficult to very difficult bowel movement and has already seen all forms. The

fiber bags, such as Movicolon that you get from your doctor, often do not work. Eat extra fiber or

drinking more water is often not enough, because there is more to it. Despite the

is very common, there is still a taboo surrounding these complaints and it will not be

always understood. Aschwin is trying to break this taboo and will show that there is one

solution is!

Come to this lecture and find the solution!

Offer comes among others

  • You learn what you can change for immediate results

  • Which foods support you in the right way

  • Which supplements can help you

Target audience:

- All forms of intestinal complaints

- Vague complaints

- Chronic illness


Date: dates will follow
Location: -

Price: -

You can register via or call me 0651249421!

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