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Health readings

Aschwin more often gives lectures on various topics related to health. Check back on this page regularly to see which topics are on offer. If you would like me to organize a lecture within your organization, this is also possible. The theme can be discussed. Please contact Aschwin van Diermen via +31651249421 or via info@innerfresh.nl

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Dinsdag 13 april - Webinar moe en opgebrand

Wat gaan we doen!

De druk op de zorg is hoog en daardoor zijn veel zorgmedewerkers moe en opgebrand. Het ziekteverzuim in de zorg is niet eerder zo sterk gestegen als in het vierde kwartaal van 2020. Het verzuim was met 8,2 procent vooral in de verpleeg- en verzorgingshuizen hoog, meldt het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (1).


In dit Webinar zal ik vertellen wat je hier aan kunt doen met voeding. Wat en hoe zou je kunnen eten, om snel weer fit en gezond te zijn en hoe je je immuunsysteem kunt versterken tijdens een hoge werkdruk!

Tuesday February 9 - Webinar nutrition and health

For now we have to stay home for a while, so I thought, let's arrange some entertainment!

What do we do!

Through an online lecture I will tell you all about what works for my clients. One says you should eat low-carbohydrates and another says you should go a step further and follow the ketogenic diet. Via via you will hear about fasting, vegetarian or even completely vegan. Actually we can no longer see the forest for the trees and we are at our wits end. You should then look at what does work and I'm going to tell you that.

In this lecture I will explain to you when you should eat something. That is very important. We need carbohydrates, but also fat and proteins. It just doesn't mix at all times of the day. I explain how this works and also come with tips on what and how you should eat. You will then notice that your energy level will rise quickly. Especially in the morning! You will also lose weight easily and pain complaints can be greatly reduced.


We are also going to do a stress test. You can do the test that I explain more often yourself to determine in this way whether you are in balance or not. The body can handle stress very well, but it often lasts too long. The body then blocks in many areas and you can get tired, you have a short fuse, losing weight is difficult and especially the immune system is turned off! What can you do and what food can you eat, so that your body becomes more stress resistant!


I will also briefly talk about supplements and which ones I think you need on a daily basis.

The webinar will last about 2 hours, but we can easily extend half an hour. Please take this into account.

Halfway through we do a question round and of course also at the end. During the question round at the end, I also reserve some time for personal questions.

This lecture is for people with:

- who want to know more about health

- experiencing stress

- want to lose weight

- being chronically ill

stomach and intestinal complaints


- bloated stomach

What are you learning?

- Especially when you eat something!

- Which foods stimulate your complaints

- Which foods make your complaints disappear

What do you need?

- Notepad and pen


- Date: Tuesday evening February 9 at 7.30 pm. The webinar is open from 6.30 pm to test the connection.

- Location: Online. You will receive the link in advance by email

- Price: 20 euros

- Registration and payment: via webshop. You automatically participate after payment has been made. Click here !


If you have a question, please call or app -> 0651249421

Greetings Aschwin!

Did you know that when you eat a banana every day as a snack, together with a piece of cucumber, you make your body more stress resistant!

You will hear the explanation why and more of these kinds of combinations during this webinar!

B12 is very important for the body and therefore indispensable for stress. Did you know that you do not get B12 from animal food, but from plant food! I know that I am telling something now, which many people dismiss as nonsense. It's still true. B12 from meat does increase the blood value of B12, but it hardly enters the cell, if at all. It is the microorganisms on the skins of fruits and vegetables that produce B12 in your small intestine. A B12 is then made that is unique to your body. You don't get the same effect with eating animal products. I am not saying that I am against meat, but if you eat meat for your B12, you will be disappointed!