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Online lecture: Lyme disease

Recently I wrote a blog about Lyme and that it is a condition that people do not understand well, including the environment. You can be very sick from it, but this is often not visible from the outside. People with Lyme look healthy, which is why it is often so difficult to understand. ( Link to blog ). 

Besides, it's hard to understand and disappointing because people with Lyme have tried so much and everything they do doesn't seem to work. People are also often given long-term antibiotics, sometimes for 3 years and this without any improvement! During the talk I will explain what is being overlooked, such as the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). They call this a Co-infection, but actually the EBV is the main infection and everything else is the Co-infection. This is also the reason antibiotics don't work, because viruses are immune

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