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The liver flush according to Andreas Moritz (liver cleaning)

The purpose of a liver cleanse is to free the liver and / or gallbladder from clumps of thickened bile mixed with other wastes, which clog the bile ducts in the liver. It is also referred to as bile smudge. This smudge hinders the proper functioning of the liver and therefore disrupts the detoxification, the synthesis of a large number of body's own substances (enzymes, hormones, etc.) from both digestion and metabolism. In addition, these 'gallstones' may contain viruses and parasites, which put pressure on the immune system and continue to trigger allergies. The stones are pressed out by the liver through this treatment and pass through the bile ducts along the bile, into the duodenum into the digestive tract. We have integrated the liverflush

in our Wellness program, but you can also do the liver flush separately. In this way, it can help fight many stomach and intestinal issues.


Andreas Moritz has been able to determine in his practice that the formation of liver stones has many causes. In the rich west, we live a lifestyle that makes the liver suffer much harder than before.

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Many people think that they get enough fluid by drinking tea, coffee and / or soft drinks and are not sufficiently aware that you should drink 6-8 glasses of pure water per day. Lack of fluid causes sludging in many places in the body, including the draining bile ducts in the liver.

Sludging means that there is a delay in the flow by thickened bile. As a result, clumps will first occur, later they will become solid elastic marbles and again rock-hard stones if they eventually become calcified after years. Normally, 1 to 1.5 liters of bile is released by the liver into the intestine, in the presence of liver stones, bile secretion can drop to just one cup per day. Too little bile also ensures that we do not digest our fats properly, which creates a layer of fat (Biofilm) in the intestine. This ensures reduced nutrient absorption, poorer digestion and housing viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition, blood fats increase, which results in an increase in triglyceride and cholesterol levels and a reduced oxygen transport. This also reduces the water absorption and you can be dehydrated, despite of drinking a lot of water.

- Excessive eating. We eat far too much 'food' with too little nutritional value and too little food with a high nutritional value. We generally get too much protein and too much fat, this places a huge burden on the liver, bile and intestines!


- Not enough exercise and too much stress;


After a liver flush, the gallstones eventually end up in the toilet, where they can possibly be collected in a colander. If you rinse such a ball (ranging from 2 to 22 mm in diameter) under the tap and rub off the top, liver-colored layer, you will have a waxy, often bottle green ball. However, they can have all kinds of colors (light or darker green, black, white or brown).

The liver cleansing treatment lasts a week. It is smart to repeat the course a few times, until there are no more balls and the liver is "unclogged" again. During the process, your body will also detoxify in other ways, you may experience some headaches. Also a lot of mucus can be released (in women also vaginally). During this course, waste products enter the digestive tract and are reabsorbed and enter the bloodstream. That is why it is wiser to do the liver flush in combination with the Wellness program or take some targeted supplements. Which we will discuss with you.


Anyone (from 16 years old) can do the liver cleaning program, provided there is good preparation and the program is carried out carefully and consistently, even into old age. Never do it more often than once a month.

It is possible that the first and even the 2nd time still no stones will come. It is therefore useful to repeat the course at least 3 times, with a rest period of at least one month.

Reactions in the practice from people who have undergone this liver cleansing are very positive, people feel extremely fit and energetic, there are even people who claim that their vision has improved and women indicate that their libido has improved. I feel clear is the first thing that many people say.


* Preferable you do a bowel irrigation before the liverflush, but certainly after the cure a bowel irrigation is necessary! This is to ensure that the released gallstones can easily pass through the large intestine and that no gallstones can remain in the intestines. These can cause irritation, infection, headaches and intestinal discomfort. Pay close attention to this if you decide to do a liver flush .


If you plan 2 intestinal flushes, you will receive the explanation of the liver flush for free. If you do 1 bowel irrigation, you pay € 45 for the explanation. The price of the intestinal lavage can be found here .

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