Stinging stomach pains and poor bowel movements?

Detox and gastrointestinal complaints, constipation, IBS / spastic bowel ... overweight?

Most people know it, spastic bowel, abdominal bloating, bile problems, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, faecal incontinence, hard and fatty stools, abdominal cramps, (travelers) diarrhea, depressed feelings, cravings, trouble losing weight, aching joints, eczema, lack of energy energy, etc. etc.... Even if you eat as healthy as possible, you can still experience these health issues. We can carry around 3 to 6 kg of encrusted stool with us. Clients who come to us have issues for many years and treatment in the hospital doesn't always offer a solution and the recommended medication provides not as much symptom relief as you hoped it would be. Often enough people are still left with this health issues and it becomes a matter of learning to deal with them!

Video of a over filled bowel

What to do with gastrointestinal issues and constipation?
A Detox program in combination with bowel irrigation (colon Hydrotherapy) always offers a solution! After this program you feel enlightened, you have more energy and you can go to the toilet a lot better. You are rid of that bloated tensioned belly.

A bowel irrigation is a relaxing treatment, pleasant and effective, in which the intestinal wall is cleaned and rinsed of stool witch littely stick to the intestinal wall.

First you will receive an intake to discuss all of your health issues and to plan three treatments and a number of short contact moments within a week, including an Orthomolecular nutritional advice and Prognos measurement to prevent further problems.

You can choose to let the treatment be performed by a man or a woman. Both have years of experience.


A referral from the general practitioner is not necessary, but is fine if you take one with you. If during the first interview it appears that it is better to have a consultation with your treating doctor, you will first be referred to your doctor to discuss what is wise in your situation. If you are already being treated by a doctor, you can also contact your doctor early to discuss whether the treatment is sensible in your situation.

A compliment from a client! Young lady of 21 years old, she tells her own story.


The first complaints started before my teenage years, with puberty they got worse. More often, the doctor sent me to the hospital, but every examination turned out disappointing ... I suffered from cramps, stitches, hard and a bloated stomach all day. Despite my young age, I had no energy to do fun things. I couldn't, I went straight to sleep after school and woke up to eat and soon I got back in bed. Most of the time I felt bad for days, I changed clothes, because they were too tight on my stomach, etc .. Nobody could help me with my problems. Eventually you will search for your own answers and find out what you can and cannot eat. For example, I can't take carbonated drinks and bread is a culprit for me. I followed a Sports & Eating program which went well in the beginning, but unfortunately this did not help me ... soon I had little to no energy. We have already tried something that could help me, but the result was a big disappointment.

My mother had seen something on facebook about a lecture from Innerfresh about intestinal problems. We went here together and were already quite impressed with all the information we obtained and because they work with natural products, there is no harm in trying. We don't want give up hope! Once I started the treatment, I soon noticed changes in my body and stomach. My stomach soon calmed down, no cramps and nno bloating anymore and my stomach remained flat from early in the morning until late at night. I also lost  6 pounds. Now I can stay awake until late and sometimes I even have too much energy. I can do so much moren, because I can and would like to. I am very satisfied with the results!


Do you also want to heal your bowel problems?

Do you also suffer from these issues, then I really want to tell you that this isn't necessary. You too can have a daily and normal bowel movement, without stomach pain. If you want this too, please contact us. Schedule a free call with Aschwin by pressing the blue button below or send an email , call ( 0651249421 ) or send a message via Whatsapp ( 0651249421 ).

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