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Not everyone has more time to go to the health food store for advice and an online solution is ideal for this and that's what Innerfresh offers. If you have no idea which supplement you could take with a complaint, call or app with Aschwin on 0651249421 and receive free advice. You can also send an email to . The first 10 minutes are free. If you need more information, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation. View the rates here .


Innerfresh itself does not sell supplements, we only advise. You can buy the supplements via the link, if you click on this you will be redirected to the relevant webshop that does sell them. We have compiled the supplements that you can find via the search bar as a free resource with the aim of making it easier for you to find out which supplements are really good and healthy. The need for supplementation varies from person to person. Therefore, seek advice from Aschwin and / or your doctor before changing or discontinuing your current medication, treatment or care, or starting a diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have a health condition or suspect you have a medical condition.


Why this page even more!

The reason I made this page is that I have clients in my practice who cannot tolerate medication and / or supplements. It is often not the active substances, such as vitamin C that one cannot tolerate, but the substances that are used to get and keep the substance vitamin C in a tablet. For example, many aromas are used to flavor a supplement if it is a liquid product or a lozenge. Often this is also in supplements that you simply swallow, a taste is really not necessary!

Aromas do not belong in a supplement! Aromas are MSG, known for most by the E number E621. This fuels pathogenic activity and stresses the brain. They also do not belong in the liquid products and lozenges. Really leave this! For example, it happens that people maintain their clinical picture by using supplements with the wrong additives, these substances can maintain their complaints and keep them ill without being aware of it.


The supplements you can find on this page therefore do not contain any fragrances, colors or flavors! Supplements with alcohol should also be avoided.

Most brands have good, but also less good supplements. There are only a few brands that only have good supplements. I have therefore only listed the good ones. I also took the price into account, sometimes more expensive is really better, but you also often see that a supplier is simply expensive and the product is no better than a cheaper one.


As I mentioned above, we do not sell supplements ourselves. We have been working with Nova Vitae and Morgenisnu for years and their service is really great and they charge low shipping costs. Via the search bar you can search for a product and you will find the link where you can buy it.


Medical Medium

For those who know Medical Medium, I have taken into account people who follow its protocol. His advice is very good and uses his advice with every client.


This page is a page in the making and if better supplements come onto the market, we will update the site. Also, not all supplements will be on it, more and more are being added. If you need a supplement that is not listed, please send me a Whatsapp or an email and I will advise you where to find a good and healthy one.