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Innerfresh dissolve the infection of Giardia Lamblia parasite

6-7-2018 Man on consultation, 36 years old. An important job that requires a lot of concentration.


- Food intolerances

- Colon spasms


- Concentration complaints

Complaints started after an infection with Giardia Lamblia, a nasty parasite.

Has been with various therapists, including an orthomolecular doctor. These complaints have been around for a few years now. Nobody has been able to help him completely. A client of mine has talked about us.

Through stool research, this parasite can no longer be found in his stool, but he is still dealing with the residual symptoms.

Dairy in particular causes many complaints. Bread is going well.

Faeces change, then greasy, then thin and smelly.

My suspicion is that a parasitic infection is still present (faecal testing does not always appear to be 100% reliable).

I sometimes describe a parasitic infection as a bomb that has exploded, the bomb has gone off, but it leaves a huge amount of damage and without help, reconstruction is not possible! As a result, there is no resistance at all in the intestine and the door is open to other infections.

The prognos measurement system has often helped me in these cases and put me in the right direction. The measurement shows that there are fungi, viruses and bacteria, which must certainly be treated if he wants to recover from the aforementioned complaints.

The therapy consists of removing the root causes, optimizing the immune system, repairing intestinal flora and intestinal wall and stabilizing sugar levels.

We will first start with probiotics and a means to rid the lymph system of viruses. Viruses often remain dormant in the lymph system and can resurface when resistance is reduced and cause serious complaints. We also provide a vitamin C complex with a combination of additional nutrients to strengthen the immune system.

With these complaints, there is always a leaky gut and for this I recommend 300 to 500 ml of bone broth daily. This is a great product to repair connective tissue and thus make the intestinal wall healthy and strong again and it is tasty too.


It is much better. Intestine feels good.

Is still tired, but also sleeps badly due to the warm weather.

- Again Forecast Measurement

Immune system is still weak and the viruses have not yet been completely neutralized. The measurement now also indicates parasites. This happens more often after a treatment, the software indicates in phases what is important to treat first and as a result, new causes may emerge in subsequent measurements.

Treatment multi for immune system, drops against viruses and against parasites an oregano supplement in combination with another brand of probiotics. (I think it is smart to switch between different probiotic products to stimulate the diversity of the intestinal flora.


Feeling fine, adhering to his diet.

Stools can still be variable.

Energy is improving, but can be even better.

Sometimes it goes very well with sports, but sometimes it is also very difficult and he has a lot less strength.

Also indicates that there is more cramping in the abdomen.

- Forecast measurement

viruses and parasites are not gone yet.

medium virus does not work out well.

We will continue with oregano (also works against viruses), immune system multi and again other probiotics and drops to get rid of the toxins. Bacteria etc. leave behind toxins that often cause more disturbance than the bacteria itself.

A few days later I was in touch via the whatsapp. Stomach cramps intensify and I propose a colonic irrigation.

6-9-2018 Colon lavage then abdominal cramps gone.

18-9-2018 a few days after the rinse he had problems again and he went to an osteopath and he indicates that there is too much stress in the intestine. He has to go back tomorrow.

Osteopathy is a good therapy that can certainly complement various intestinal complaints.

- Forecast measurement

Indicates small intestine interference.

Nervous system out of balance, toxins and pituitary gland malfunction.

We continue with drops to get rid of the toxins and 2 more means to get the pituitary gland and nervous system back into balance.


Is actually going well, he says. Can eat everything again and his energy is good too. Concentration is back completely and sports are also good. Measurement also shows much more balance. We continue with an extensive multi with amino acids and extra vitamin D as a good basis.

Contact again in 3 months.

For example, you see that Prognos brings forward the jammers step by step and shows which means are appropriate in order to subsequently treat this. In between, something always happens in response to the treatment, which you then take with you to the next treatment. After 5 to 6 consultations you see a significant improvement in energy, pain and vitality and the complaints are often gone.

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