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Feeling bloated?

True cause: Most commonly, a diet too high in fat/protein (whether unhealthy or healthy fats) causing liver burnout. When an overworked liver must constantly overproduce bile to accommodate a chronic, long-term high-fat/high-protein diet, the stomach must in turn produce more hydrochloric acid to compensate for the reduction in bile reserves over time. Eventually, this causes the stomach glands to become depleted and produce less hydrochloric acid to break down and digest proteins, all while the liver is becoming more sluggish and stagnant. As this happens, one or more strains from the over 50 groups of Streptococcus bacteria can begin irritating the intestinal wall linings and causing mild gastritis as well. At times, overabundant stress can also account for bloating, with the adrenals becoming overworked from either constant low-grade stress or extreme stress conditions. Excess adrenaline tends to affect the intestinal linings, causing irritation there, while tiring out the liver and contributing to its sluggishness and stagnation.

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