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Blood clots

When your blood contains an increased fat content due to a diet that is too high in fat and protein, your blood becomes too thick. Thick blood makes it difficult to transport oxygen, water, toxins and nutrients.

One way blood clots can form is when pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, build up in the body. Your white blood cells, your defenses, attack these pathogens and jump on top to stop them and protect you from them. All a natural process, but when there are too many blockages in the blood vessels, the passage becomes increasingly narrow. The white blood cells that jump on the viruses form an even larger accumulation, undigested fats also stick to them and so it becomes one big clot! And gets bigger and bigger and bigger. As this large cluster of pathogens, fats, and immune cells travel through the blood vessels, they end up in blood vessels that get narrower and narrower until they end up all the way to the heart or brain. There the blood vessels are really very small, until it gets to a point where it can no longer pass through and is closed off with all the consequences that entails! As a result, the blood vessel is completely closed off and a heart attack or cerebral infarction occurs.

The good thing is that we can do a lot to prevent this. We must keep the liver clean, eat less fat and eat more fruit and vegetables. Much more! Especially in the morning no more fat at all! We also deal with toxins. All these toxins that the liver tries to detoxify. Think of pesticides, scented candles, air fresheners, perfumes, eau de toilette, pollution, wrong nutrition, what the body itself produces in toxins, etc. Together it is all too much! With an excess of toxins, the liver has a hard time, very hard. And I can hear you thinking now, that's not too bad. No! Not really at all. We deal with a mountain of toxins every day. Every day your liver goes back to work for you. But he can't do everything, we really need to help him. Children still have a lot of capacity to deal with this problem, teenagers and people in their twenties often go very well too. From the age of 30 it becomes more difficult and from the age of 40 it becomes really difficult, because the liver has accumulated too much toxins. That is also the period when people start to get health issues, they are vague or can't be diagnosed yet. In your 40s, many people also start taking medication for cholesterol, blood pressure, antacids, and more. You can look up the figures for this at Statistics Netherlands. In 1985 we all became ill around our 56th year, now it is already at 46 and in women even 40! After Covid, I even expect the limit to be lower. So lets go and take better care of yourself, because we have a really big problem. I posted a large part of the solution a few weeks ago, see this video on Instagram. There are also really very good supplements on the market that can help enormously with this problem. If you can't find a good solution for you and want an alternative therapy to medication, please contact me.

Kind regards Ashwin

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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