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Discover the real cause of constipation

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Constipation results from a chronically sluggish, stagnant liver that produces less bile and has become fatty due to a range of factors including toxic heavy metals, several other toxins, and a low-grade viral or bacterial infection in both the liver and intestinal tract. When present in the gut, pathogenic infection can cause narrowing and/or expansion in both the small and large intestines. Viral neurotoxins can also cause inflammation of the nerve endings around the intestinal tract, resulting in peristaltic delay and even gastroparesis.

The part of the lymphatic system that surrounds the intestines can also become overloaded, building up lymphatic fluid that puts pressure on the intestines enough to slow peristaltic action and create narrower areas that make it more difficult for food to pass through. Pathogens, along with their toxic waste and sludge, as well as heavy metals, can make their way into the ileum along with food that has not been properly digested and broken down, causing this last part of the small intestine to become inflamed and contribute to constipation. In reality, it is the most common part of the gut that is inflamed. Scar tissue can also form here.

Another cause of chronic constipation is foods that feed viruses and unproductive bacteria into the small intestinal tract and colon, causing inflammation — usually milk, cheese, butter, eggs and gluten. The condition can be made worse by a high-fat/high-protein diet.

When the colon is inflamed for any reason, it can kink slightly around the various bends.

Causes of acute constipation include emotional stress or nervousness, causing the abdominal muscles around the small intestine and colon to tighten or spasm. Long car journeys and long plane flights, combined with the wrong foods, can also lead to short-term constipation.

Get your energy and health back!

You may understand that drinking more water, eating extra fiber, and getting more exercise won't fully help with this. A simple colonic irrigation can help enormously to recover from these complaints and to regain your health and energy. The right diet is also important in combination with the right supplements. Especially the combination of a colonic irrigation with the right nutrition can provide a lot of relief in the short term.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done by phone, Whatsapp or email. You can also schedule a telephone appointment to discuss your health issue. Then please click here.

Regards Aschwin

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