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Hay fever

This morning it was reported in the news that the hay fever season has really started and if you suffer from hay fever then you are in for a bad time. Terrible news for someone who suffers with this kind of allergie!

On the site https://www.kno fever season/ you can read what you can do to limit hay fever (See also this overview later in this article). One of the advice is that you should limit outdoor activities, but that is quite a bit. This overview states that the season runs from February to October! That's longer than a whole summer! So thats not possible. I myself also suffered from hay fever and when I went motorcycling it went well, as long as I kept my helmet on. If I went to refuel or have a drink somewhere, I would have it. As soon as the helmet came off, the sneezing, sniffling, itching in the eyes started. The sneezing really didn't stop sometimes, one after the other, red spots in my face and I couldn't see clearly anymore because of the watery eyes. Luckily for me, it only bothered me for one or two months, but there are plenty of people who just really can't go outside. For those people a real disaster, the summer is no longer fun. Now I don't suffer anymore, only when I trim the hedge, then I have to sneeze a little bit. Then I blow my nose once and it's gone. Huge difference from how it was and that is possible for everyone. Anyone can recover from hay fever!

The treatment for hay fever is medication, especially histamine inhibitors, but sometimes the treatment goes really far and people even get injections. But did you know that vitamin C is also a histamine inhibitor? By default I would already take 3 to 4 grams spread over the day and in case of a hay fever attack you immediately take 2 grams, more is also possible. The body consumes a lot of vitamin C at that time. Make sure you carry vitamin C with you at all times! Other histamine inhibitors include ginger and feverfew, which you can drink as a preventive tea. But you don't really solve hay fever with this either.

Cause of hay fever

The cause of hay fever is a streptococcal bacteria, if you tackle this, the hay fever will disappear and it often surprises me that it can also be done quite quickly. The streptococcal bacteria (strep) is a stubborn bacteria that is difficult to combat in theory, antibiotics actually do not work. Strep quickly becomes resistant to antibiotics. In addition, 'only' antibiotics will not work either, because this treatment is too brief. It really takes more! You will have to cut out foods that strep likes and those are mainly eggs, gluten and dairy. That will be a shock for a lot of people. If you are no longer allowed to eat bread, what should I eat then, I often get asked. There are really enough alternatives and a lot of gluten substitutes these days. A wholemeal sandwich is quite nutritious, the problem is that pathogens, including strep, also like a sandwich!

You also have to eat food that strep really doesn't like and that includes bananas, berries, ginger, raw honey, garlic. See also the picture. With these tips you immediately stimulate the immune system and it becomes a lot more difficult for strep to stay strong. But to really battle the strep, supplements are also needed, including vitamin C. In addition to being a histamine inhibitor, vitamin C also attacks strep. Zinc and B12 are also important.

The liver

Another problem is that the liver is often overloaded and has become filled with toxins over an extended period of time, which could be decades. The liver does this to protect you, because all these toxins form a food for all pathogens, including the strep. The liver retains these toxins, but the liver can also become overfilled with them. When that happens, the toxins remains in the body and pathogens are fed. That is why you often see more health issues than just hay fever. So it is important to also treat the liver and to help the liver to dispose these toxins without feeding the pathogen. This can be done very well, but it requires a plan. The latter is not easy to explain in this article and it is better to make an appointment. I would definitely start with all the other advice mentioned and if this does not work sufficiently, please contact us and we will help you that your hay fever is resolved.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

See you next time,

Aschwin van Diermen

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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