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Healing Benefits of Vitamin C

Many people know that vitamin C can help them recover from a cold or flu, but there is much more to understand about how vitamin C supports our health. Vitamin C is essential for good health all year round, not just when we are sick. In fact, it is critical to our overall health and survival. Unfortunately, vitamin C deficiencies are widespread today and a deficiency of this important vitamin can contribute to almost any disease.

Why is vitamin C so important?

Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory, helps increase the number of white blood cells in our blood by strengthening our neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils and macrophages; and generally stimulates the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold and other unwanted fungi. This makes getting an adequate amount of vitamin C essential if you are battling a chronic disease or symptom.

The right kind of vitamin C also helps cleanse the liver, blood and lymph, strengthen the adrenal glands, repair damaged neurotransmitters and restore the central nervous system. It also helps detoxify the body effectively, which is a challenge many chronically ill people face until they get the right detox-supporting nutrients.

Vitamin C also strengthens all levels of the liver's personalized immune system. The liver uses vitamin C in all of its more than 2,000 chemical functions. It not only detoxifies and cleanses the liver; it can also stop a sluggish liver, loosen and spread fat cells stored in the liver, and help the liver recover after periods of stress-related adrenaline rushes. Vitamin C can also help stop and repair scar tissue deep in the liver core. It can also help with nodules, tumors and cysts.

The best sources of vitamin C

Different forms of vitamin C support our health in different ways, so it's important to know which high-quality sources of vitamin C you can consume. Some of the best food sources of vitamin C are rose hips, kiwis, oranges, tangerines and tomatoes. You can read about the healing properties of these foods and their specific vitamin C profile in the book Life-Changing Foods. Another great source of an essential form of vitamin C (there are many) is from freshly squeezed fennel. Drinking 500ml of pure fennel juice daily on an empty stomach can provide many amazing health benefits over time. All fruits and vegetables contain some vitamin C, so focusing your diet largely on fresh produce will naturally help boost your vitamin C intake.

Micro-C is a vitamin C supplement that can be very useful for a wide variety of people. Micro-C contains important complementary bioflavonoids that support our health, along with the vitamin C itself. It also contains rose hips and the vitamin C in rose hips has the power to transform and activate the other forms of vitamin C in the supplement, along with vitamin C from food sources you consume, making them stronger. In addition, the vitamin C in rose hips is the most bioidentical, bioavailable form of vitamin C in existence, i.e. the most useful form for our bodies. Micro-C is also very gentle on the system, so if someone has digestive issues or is very sensitive, it's a good choice.

Your nutrient-boosting friend

One way that you or a loved one can boost the vitamin C you absorb is to get direct sunlight on your skin if possible. The sun fortifies and enhances the absorption and function of every single nutrient, including vitamin C. Think of the sun as a means of getting multivitamin and multimineral support for all your body systems! You don't have to stay in the sun for a long time and sunburn should always be carefully avoided. Even five minutes in the sun early or late in the day when the sun is not at full strength can be very helpful. As you can see, vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for our health and deserves attention as part of a health protocol.

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Aschwin Van Diermen

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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