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High cholesterol

We think we take good care of ourselves, but our livers are constantly being hit hard. A consequence of this can be that the cholesterol regulation becomes out of balance. The liver's extraordinary chemical function of producing so-called good (HDL) cholesterol begins to decline. “Everything to do with cholesterol also has to do with the liver. Any kind of cholesterol problem that develops is a sign of early development of liver disease. The liver produces, controls, organizes and stores cholesterol. So when the liver becomes sluggish, stagnant, and toxic over the years - which go undetected by the doctor's office - and its functions begin to break down, cholesterol levels can begin to change. This can happen long before blood tests show elevated liver enzymes, so no one will realize that this has anything to do with the liver.

Have you ever wondered how someone who eats the worst diet can have nothing to worry about? That is a person whose liver has not yet reached its maximum limit. Then you could have someone on a seemingly healthy diet who has been diagnosed with cholesterol because the readings are going in a direction the doctor doesn't like. That is a person whose liver is starting to signal that it has been overloaded for too long. Everyone's liver has a different state of being. Some are full of pathogens like the Epstein-Barr virus and strep. Some are filled with both pathogens and toxins, such as toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and other petroleum products. When the liver's storage capacity is full, its ability to process, convert, create, store and develop cholesterol begins to decline.

When we eat foods that contain ingredients for making good cholesterol, the liver stores these ingredients for times when we eat bad and high-fat foods that put a strain on the liver and thereby break down the key chemical functions of the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol. to rise.

When we consume the bad cholesterol, our livers try to neutralize it first and not eliminate it completely, because that bad cholesterol in the bloodstream initially does no harm as long as it's floating around freely. This is not the cause of heart disease. But when there is an abundance, the liver also stores some bad cholesterol in the liver itself in hopes that it will have a chance to detoxify it from the body later.

If the liver is heavily burdened by toxins, viruses and/or bacteria, it cannot release the bad cholesterol from the liver. Instead, the liver stores these cholesterol deposits along with other fat cell deposits in and around the liver. These are fat deposits that come from a high-fat diet (which is the same as a high-protein diet), be it good or bad fats. If a person has a pre-fatty liver with a lot of toxins and pathogens that have built up over time, regardless of that person's weight, the liver will reach a point where it can no longer store cholesterol and other fat and at that point, the liver can no longer produce the good cholesterol. This keeps the excess bad cholesterol floating through the bloodstream, unneutralized and disorganized. Eventually, it will line places like the heart and arteries, causing the problems we associate with high cholesterol.

The solution is not even that difficult, the intake of proteins and fats must be reduced considerably and that applies to both the bad fats and the good fats! Especially in the morning, the fats should be completely omitted. Only fruits, vegetables and herbs are allowed, such as smoothies or soups. Up to 12 hours the liver is busy expanding waste products, fats are eaten, the liver stores the waste products in the liver, so that there is no more room for the bad cholesterol. This is because fat blocks the absorption of glucose in the liver, so the liver does not receive energy to remove all waste products. Eventually the liver stagnates and this usually starts after your 40th, but unfortunately I see this occurring earlier and earlier.

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Regards Aschwin

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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