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Lyme dease

More and more people find my practice to treat their Lyme disease and fortunately there is more and more attention for it too bij the regular healthcare. This disease can be very debilitating. A person who has Lyme disease can look healthy and therefore there is often little understanding of the people around the person who is struggling with this disease. This doesn't make it any easier and that is why I hope that through these kinds of messages I post and also from others, that there will be more understanding for this disease. Because that is really necessary! These people need help, an arm around them, a hug, any kind of compassion is very important. What is also very much needed is the fact that this disease is misunderstood. I see people in my practice who receive antibiotics for three years in a row, in the hope that the bacteria that would cause Lyme will be gone after this treatment and all the symptoms have disappeared. But this isn't happening. Lyme disease is not caused by a bacteria, but by a virus! Until this is understood, recovery will actually be impossible or it will take a very long time! What is going on is that you can be bitten by a tick, which is infected with the "Lyme bacteria". Incidentally, this bacteria can also be transmitted by another insect, but because a tick is stuck in the skin for a long time, the chance of infection is many times greater. If you have been bitten, the"Lyme bacteria" enters the bloodstream and the immune system immediately gets to work, but this bacteria is a strong one and can put a lot of pressure on the immune system. So here comes the problem. Because the immune system is under pressure, an existing virus comes up. One that has been dormant for a long time, this is the Epstein Barr virus. The same virus that causes mononucleosis and a virus that is probably present (dormant) in 98% of the population. Once awakened, the problems that are familiar with Lyme disease will come to the surface. See the photo below for the many symptoms that can arise with this disease.

The fatigue is the strongest and this is not fatigue that disappears after a few nights of good sleep. No, this fatigue stays and actually only gets worse! Neurological symptoms are also strongly present with Lyme, you have to think of tingling, numbness, loss of strength, burning sensation, burning pain, sometimes so intense that people prefer to lie on a cold kitchen floor, but this does not help either. Stabbing pains, itching and not a superficial itching, no, an itch deep inside, that you can't reach! Everything to almost the extreme.

The fact is that bacteria can't cause neurological symptoms, that alone should be a reason to consider that you can't solve this disease with antibiotics. Viruses are immune to antibiotics and bacteria aren't. If you are bitten by a tick and you notice this or you discover a strange red circle on the skin, it makes sense to use antibiotics immediately, within 2 weeks after the bite. Why, because then you can kill the bacteria and the change the Epstein Barr virus wakes a lot lower. This can keep you from getting sick. If you have passed these two weeks, antibiotics will not work. Totally pointless and also extremely toxic to the body. Your health will only deteriorate further if you start taking antibiotics at a later stage. By the way, if you chose to use antibiotics, make sure that you also directly support your body with the right nutrition and protection of the intestinal flora!

But what should you do then? A virus, like the Epstein Barr virus, also feeds just like we do, they also excrete substances like we do. These substances are called neurotoxins, these toxins is the garbage virussen left behind, there are by products of viruses. These neurotoxins are the issue, they cause the inflammations, for example to the nervous system. Antibiotics also do not remove these substances and therefore the disease is not solved. The bacteria is often long gone and people still have the same symptoms as before when they start the antibiotics. It is then said that it is due to the collateral damage the bacteria leaves behind. No, it's not, it's the virus, which is still active, and getting stronger, leaving behind even more neurotoxins and causing even more inflammation.

The virus must therefore be starved and you have to deal with the neurotoxins. There is only one way to do this, don't eat the food that viruses like. Those are gluten, eggs and dairy. In addition, they also feed heavily on heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, copper and much more. Other pathogens, such as fungi and other bacteria must be addressed. For this you need glucose and a lot of it to feed the liver and adrenal glands. Because yes there is a lot of stress! Stress because you are not understood and you wonder why you should feel so sick. Why is it, that you have to have Lyme, is it really up to me, people ask. No, it's not you, it's the virus and the virus can be controlled. So you need fruit, leafy greens, you also need potatoes. Potatoes are super medicinal, they contain glucose, zinc, vitamin C and lysine. Nutrients that viruses can't tolerate. In addition, viruses hide in fat, fat that is not well digested. The neurotoxins also form a fatty layer. This is called a biofilm. This is where they hide and there they develop and multiply. The immune system has a hard time getting to it if a biofilm is present and this one is present for sure! You can clear this biofilm with the right nutrition and a reduction in fat and protein intake. This makes the liver function better so it becomes stronger in clearing the biofilm. At the same time, you support the adrenal glands and the immune system becomes stronger. In short, a lot needs to be done and antibiotics alone will not get you there. I hope this is clear. Often you can quickly notice that something is happening in the body, something positive, feeling heard and the feeling that you are finally on the right track. It's a slow process, but you're making progress. Often 3 steps forward and 2 steps back and then 3 steps forward. It goes by trial and error. If you want to know more about this approach, feel free to call me or send a Whatsapp or email or visit my to the lecture on neurological isses on Tuesday evening 17th of May. During this lecture I will explain step by step on what you need to do for your recovery. Which foods are good for you, which foods are bad for you, which supplements are good for you, which supplements are bad for you. Because here is also is a lot of ignorance, many supplements contain fillers and flavorings that actually make viruses stronger. Thank you for reading and please forward this message to someone with Lyme or other neurological symptoms. Because they will certainly benefit from this! Regards Aschwin Orthomolecular therapist Lyme recovery therapist

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