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Toxic heavy metals

Exposure to toxic heavy metals is happening all around us. We don't learn about it, so we don't learn to recognize exposure to it. They are much closer than we think. Toxic heavy metals have countless ways to enter our bodies, from toxic heavy metals we breathe, to toxic heavy metals we eat, to toxic heavy metals we drink, to toxic heavy metals we bathe in, to toxic heavy metals that come into contact with our skin. Simply touching aluminum foil or a battery can be enough to release their tiny metal particles into our bloodstream. And then we haven't even mentioned the metal particles that we can ingest from food prepared in certain metal cookware, or eating out and drinks served in metal containers. Last week I came across this reel on Facebook and I immediately shared it. It appears that many Click here for article of photo

more people are concerned about this

matter, which they should be, because there is not enough attention for it. Ever since Hedwig and I started the practice, I have been talking about the adverse health effect of toxic heavy metals and how you can remove them from your body.

Toxic heavy metals can be present in our indoor and outdoor air, especially when we are around toxic odors, scented candles, air fresheners, pesticides or chemtrails. We even unknowingly put toxic heavy metals directly into and on our bodies with certain cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, drinks and other products. Detailed details on these and many more sources of toxic heavy metal exposure can be found in Chapter 20 of Brain Saver, “Toxic Heavy Metals.”

We are constantly exposed to toxic heavy metals at minuscule levels. It's not like we drink a gallon of leaded gasoline and end up in the hospital with lead poisoning. Instead, we are exposed to small amounts of tiny, more-than-microscopic metal particles, and we get this exposure repeatedly in our daily lives. A little here, a little there. You might look at a single exposure and think no problem, just as people will often think that a microdose of psychedelic drugs is no problem because of the trendy advice about "everything in moderation." We are being poisoned with toxic heavy metals “in moderation,” and that may not seem important until you step back and look at the bigger picture. Repeated exposure adds up. At some point, the toxic heavy metals build up in our brains and bodies until we reach major poisoning at some point later in life – although we still don't know it is toxic heavy metal poisoning. We will grow older, reach an expiration date where everything goes wrong from accumulating so many toxic heavy metals in our brains, and we will never know what caused that.

Juglen Zwaan already wrote on June 9, 2021 about the danger of the dye E-171, or titanium dioxide (1). This one can also stack, we have known this for a long time. From January 14, 2022, the use of titanium dioxide in foods was finally officially banned (2). There was a transition period until August 7, 2022. After this date, manufacturers were no longer allowed to place foodstuffs containing titanium dioxide on the European market. The worst part is that I see people in my practice taking their supplements with them, some of which still contain titanium dioxide and were recently purchased! There is no control, therefore this information. We must be aware of these types of substances and we must learn to read the packaging of our foods and supplements. It is not banned for nothing! And there are many more substances that we know are harmful, but which can still be sold.

For more information on how to remove these toxic heavy metals from our bodies that we accumulate over the years, see the book Brain Saver or contact me.

This is not the only source that writes about the risk of heavy metals, also read this page for example. You will find all references at the bottom of this page.

Toxic heavy metals that we build up in our body over the years can, for example, accumulate in the brain. Conditions that result from this are actually all mental conditions. Think of ADHD, ADD, Autism, but also Parkinson's, for example. They hinder proper nerve stimulation, which hinders brain activity. There is another thing going on and that is that these toxic heavy metals are used as a food source by all viruses. Viruses are becoming increasingly stronger and dump more and more toxins (derma and neurotoxins) into our bodies. This, in combination with a high-fat, high-protein diet, hinders detoxification and these toxins will cause health issues. The problems you see are the well-known autoimmune diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and even cancer!

We are all getting sicker and people are also getting sicker at a younger age. All caused by the fact that the liver can't any longer keep up with detoxification and all this 'junk' remains in the body with all its consequences. Medication is sometimes necessary, but medication does not help the detoxification of the liver and therefore stays in the body. This is the direct reason that one is never completely cured of an autoimmune disease, but if you change your diet, you can often heal completely!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me via email or WhatsApp.

Greetings Aschwin

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

Colon hydrotherapist


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