Treatment Rheumatism

Rheumatism is one of the mysterious diseases that we don't know what actually causes it. Still know a lot about rheumatism and you don't have to have continuous pain and inflammation!

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease, affects about 1% of the world's population. The course of the disease remains unclear, but genetic factors account for 50-60% of the risk, while the rest may be related to adaptable factors, such as infectious diseases, tobacco smoking, gut bacteria and diet. Dietary triggers can play an inflammatory role in the autoimmune process, and a compromised gut barrier can cause food components or microorganisms to enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation. In addition, excess body weight may affect the response of pharmacotherapy and the likelihood of disease remission, as well as the risk of death from disease. There is some evidence that dietary changes may play an important role in RA management and remission. Several studies have shown improvements in symptoms in dietary RA with no animal products. Studies have also shown that dietary fiber in these plant foods can improve the composition of gut bacteria and increase bacterial diversity in RA patients, reducing their inflammation and joint pain. While some of the trigger foods have been individualized in RA patients, a vegan diet helps improve symptoms by eliminating many of these foods. Further research is needed to test the effectiveness of plant-based nutrition on joint pain, inflammation and quality of life in patients with RA.
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However, it goes much further. A vegan diet works very well to lower inflammation and relieve pain, but we don't solve the problem. You do not tackle the cause and the cause is a load with heavy metals. Mercury in particular plays a major role! There is also another problem and these are dormant viruses. Viruses feed on heavy metals and in rheumatism we see a mercury load, which the virus feeds on. Viruses also release toxins themselves and these toxins cause the problems you see with RA.

I know I'm writing something here that a lot of people won't go along with and may say what nonsense. Doctors will have a lot of trouble with this. But I can promise you, if you fight the viruses and detoxify the heavy metals, the complaints will become less and less and even a cure is possible! However, the treatment process takes a long time, this is not resolved with a few months, but you have to take it out at least a year and sometimes longer. However, you soon see results on the pain complaints and inflammation.


The treatment

The treatment protocol is aimed at starving the viruses, by detoxing with the right supplements and nutrition, so that mercury and other potentially harmful heavy metals disappear from the body. It is also important that we tackle the viruses, which we also do with targeted supplements and nutrition. Extra medication is not necessary and is even stressful. The program can differ per individual, each person is different.


If you use medication, this is not a problem, in many cases stopping the medication is not good, but with time it is noticed that people can do without it more and more. If the medication can be stopped, we will do this in consultation with the doctor and or rheumatologist.

Make an appointment now and take matters into your own hands. You don't have to keep walking around with these pains!