Weight loss in Maastricht: What is sports fasting

Lose weight quickly by switching from sugar to fat burning!

Sports fasting is a unique and powerful method, aimed at influencing your metabolism, so that a sustainable switch from sugar to fat burning is achieved. The result of this 'metabolic switch' is astonishing: you become permanently fitter, slimmer and more vital after 10 days! You make this metabolic switch by applying a specific combination of nutrition, fasting and sports. This makes your muscles turn on ancient genes. And activating these genes causes the fundamental changes in your entire body to rejuvenate your fat stores, blood vessels, brain and other organs.

Make the switch

The Sportvasten program stimulates the making of the metabolic switch by applying specific adjustments in your diet in combination with sports. This ensures a simultaneous decrease in the sugar stores in the body and in your muscles, so that they must increasingly switch to burning fat. This process is supported by dietary supplements and provides the necessary extra stimulus to make the metabolic switch fast and effective and supplies fuel to the brain so that you can exercise intensively during the fasts. The supplement also ensures that you can maintain the treatment more easily because the hunger feeling is suppressed and that the body is protected against muscle breakdown. To measure whether you make the metabolic switch during the fasting days, urine tests are used during the treatment. Such a test consists of a strip that will discolour through contact with some urine. The degree of discoloration indicates whether and how much you have switched to fat burning. After the Sportvasten program, your body, including the muscles, is in the fat-burning mode. And it is this fat burning mode that is so good for you. You have slimmed down if you were overweight, you can exercise better, recover faster and feel fitter and more vital. Your sugar cravings will also have diminished, simply because the body no longer uses it mainly as fuel.

For whom?

Sportfasting is a program that is very well put together and with scientific support and can therefore also be used for medical complaints.

Sports fasting is good for people:

  • they have to lose weight

  • have little energy

  • have type 2 diabetes

  • cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart failure
    During the intake is determined if Sportvasten is suitable for you and or it is better to do a different kind of program.




Keep the switch

During the Sportvasten program, your body has made the metabolic switch from sugar to fat burning. After the program, it is important to protect the metabolic switch and prevent yourself from falling back.


Once you are done with the program, we will schedule another appointment to explain what you can do to further support your health. We use also our Prognos measuring system for this. With this system you can easily detect disbalanses and give appropriate advice. Read more about it here. I am very happy with this system, because it has helped me tremendously in finding out the real cause of many health issues.

This last appointment and the Prognos measuring is included in the price.

More info:

Scientific background

The philosophy behind Sportfasting

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