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€ 200 - € 455


Possibilty to different programms*.

4 consultation

  1. Personal intake

  2. With or without colon irrigation

  3. Nutritional advise + Pognosmeasurement

  4. Questions through Whatsapp

*Programm can be altered to meet personal situation. 


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Orthomolecular consult - Intake

€ 120, -

Orthomolecular consult 1,5 hour

Follow-up 1 hour € 80,- (incl Prognos measurement)

During this consultation

  • We discuss your health issues 

  • You get a Prognos measurement

  • You know the cause of your health issues

  • Esspeacially you going to understand why you feel sick!​

Image by Sokmean Nou

Colon irrigation

€ 85, -

Colon irrigation

€ 85

​For the liverflush you need at least one colon irrigation, preferable two.


Let us know if you don't live nearby, there alternative treatments!



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Cancel your appointment

If you want to cancel an appointment, you must do this at least 48 hours before the start of the consultation. We are otherwise forced to charge for the consultation.


* Reimbursement differs per health insurance and you must have adutch additional insurance.

For example, VGZ reimburses € 40 per consultation / per day and ONVZ € 65 per consultation / per day.

In our practice you can pay by debit card or cash.

Please bring with you during your first appointment

Identification and your health insurance card at your first appointment.


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