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From people who have experienced Innerfresh.


This week was a heavenly experience, not only physically but also spiritually. I have completely relaxed and can go back to it fresh and fruity! Fantastic team, perfect location and an excellent detox! I'll be back again.


I spent a great week with you, a unique experience that I would not have wanted to miss, in short, an absolute must. Thanks again for the fantastic week!


I came along for the third time. Location = TOP, Therapists = Top, you are Top! I have completely relaxed and can detox wonderfully.


The week was beyond expectations, unsurpassed and the group was completely in balance, like a big family laughing, feeling, comforting and grateful together. And you played a big part in this! Thank you.


Three years ago I came into contact with Innerfresh through a friend. A whole week on Detox Week. The decision to come along was about my daughter, (then 2 1/2 years old). It would be good for my health, so I decided to go along.

I can say, a great week!

Together with other people, whom I did not know, we were in a beautifully renovated farmhouse in Henri Chapelle, in a beautiful setting with all the luxury that entails. A week before departure you follow an adjusted diet and you take supplements. It is literally turning the switch, but it worked. During the Detox week you eat and drink soups and juices, all organic and freshly made. Of course you were sometimes hungry, but the day brings you so much that you can hardly think about it. It is so surprising that you still have the energy to go for a walk, jog, cycle and even exercise sober in the morning. It is actually largely between your ears, you can do a lot!

A meditation every day, provided by Hedwig, gave you the peace and awareness of how you live in your daily life, 'how are you really? '' You can follow various workshops, or you choose to just read a book. You are free to do everything, but it is still very nice to participate in the program. During the detox week you also get colonic irrigation, which I had absolutely no trouble with myself. It feels wonderful, a flat stomach, all the rubbish out of your body. The liver flush took some getting used to. In the morning after, I was a bit miserable, but I quickly felt better. In the meantime I have also done this a 2nd time, even though I said, "never again"! All in all, you go home reborn. Your body and mind are truly cleansed. Aschwin will provide you with tools to adjust your lifestyle and eating pattern in daily life.

Last year, in 2015, I went with Innerfresh again. This time in a beautiful house in Stoumont. I was facing a burnout a week before departure. Even then I found it difficult to miss my daughter for a week, but with the realization that after that week I could be fully there for her again.

Now, May 20, 2016, we are going to a beautiful modern castle with all the luxury you need. I am already looking forward to that! Hopefully with a warm sun! What does a man want more. Dare to choose for yourself and your health!

Dear reader,

I would like to remain anonymous but would like to share my experience. I went on a detox trip in 2013 and 2015. In 2013 it was called me, myself and I and we were in a warm house in Charneux. In 2013 I was not feeling well, was often tired, did not know which direction in my life I wanted and my health was not optimal either. Through the practice Leny Mathiz I have been advised to undergo it. At first I thought it was a lot of money, but I can assure you it is worth it, you don't want anything else afterwards. The warmth in which you are received, the program based on daily life was so recognizable and so beautiful. The way on; how they bring you back into your feelings, indescribable.

Also the group you are in, everyone comes with the same goal and you come in judging and as Hedwig already indicated, after a week you have built up a beautiful friendship. What appealed to me was the colon cleansing and the nutritional advice. Learned so much about nutrition and I didn't know this device was so relaxed, better than enemas.

I went along in 2015 because I had a tough time with the death of a loved one. In an even nicer house, they will take care of that! and yet another program, workshops. Reading toes, never done but what can toes say a lot about you. I found a downside in this house, the bedrooms were very small when you are in one room with two people, but I have heard that they have all thought of that in this castle. Well, the juices and soup were not that bad for me, at the end of the week I didn't get it anymore. The supplements are very filling. It is that I took another job, otherwise I would have come along again. On to 2017.


I just call myself sunshine because I also want to remain anonymous. I participated in Innerfresh because I heard beautiful stories from acquaintances who had also done this. Cleansing mentally and physically. This appealed to me both because mental always goes hand in hand with the physical. I myself was in a certain crisis with myself, I was single and looking for love, had lost my job and I had fear in large crowds. Innerfresh lives up to their name, because your Refreshe Yourself actually happens.

I have previously been to the Schouw and also to Ibiza, but this week had more influence on inner feelings and daily life. I found De Schouw, personally, a bit stricter. I found Innerfresh much more homely and the sun of Ibiza was not necessary. I recognized myself in so many things and I did cry every day. I didn't have to be ashamed because everyone had something and my roommate was a sweetheart, we had a lot in common. I still put up the mood board I made in this week and everything is slowly coming out. You learn how to overcome your fears in this week and at the moment I do what I always feared, I have cheered my bachelor life and see when and where I meet my love, it is no longer a must.

Hedwig's meditation-mindfulness lessons hit the spot every time and really came to me. What "power" this woman has after everything she has been through in her life. She does not fill in anything, but let yourself be! feel and experience! Wies's massage was also a revelation, she said things I didn't even know. I don't enjoy yoga much myself, but maybe because I don't like to move. I did not participate in sports either because that is not my cup of tea. The singing bowls were a vibration in my body that brought up emotions, but it was as if I was lying by the sea. I have not missed the food, you miss a "bite" but I was not hungry. The liver cleansing that I dreaded so much was a piece of cake, so you see that your brain wants to program you for the unknown, but it has to enter into and experience it. The day after I lay on the couch with my blanket and booklet and the peace around you is DELICIOUS.

I call myself sun because I shine again after this great experience. Finally, I would like to add that you are dealing with a professional team, who let them come home to yourself full of love and knowledge. BEAUTIFUL! and keep it up.

Anneke van der Ent

March 2016 was a special, inspiring and educational week. Beautiful house in an even nicer environment. But the best thing was the guidance of all therapists. With enormous enthusiasm and dedication you made it bearable for us (because it hardly stays for a week :-) and especially made it fun. Big thumbs up and thanks for that. See you next year.


I have just returned from my detox week 11 to 18 March 2016. Eight kilos lighter and I feel very fit and healthy. Very happy of course !!!! Was keen to lose 15 pounds. I am now working on my build-up phase and I can only say that I smell and taste everything better, and I now also eat "mindful".

How was my experience: I had planned to start this week with an "open mind" because I entered a detox week in Bali in the past with an image of how it was going to be and what I would get out of it. This was then the opposite because the beautiful palm trees, white beaches and a juice on a lounger was not even visible and I have not even experienced. In addition, everything was in English and I did not feel that I was very sorry this week. The Dutch language is and will remain your mother tongue. If you want to undergo such a week, I would not advise you to do this in another country and that because of the sun.

Oh well, I arrived at the castle and thought: "my heaven, how beautiful". Would have taken an hour and a half longer to find the way to this castle. Once arrived I was warmly welcomed by Hedwig and she took me to my room. My jaw dropped because the bathroom and sleeping accommodation was so spacious and not only that, the cosiness, the atmosphere throughout the castle, the colors they used. No words for it.

The group was a nice group of young and old and all people with the same goal. There was even a whole family present with their 18-year-old daughter. What I did not know was that I was not allowed to use my mobile and laptop except during dinner. Wow, I had a hard time with that but was able to let it go quickly, this has now made me realize (at home) how often I was staring at it. During the week there was a program that I participated in every day, only the silent day, Wednesday, I withdrew because this was very difficult for me. I then sat down in the sauna and went for a walk, just for my own feeling that I don't have to be quiet but I did it anyway. I loved the creative workshops, just a pity that there were two people who were very present and especially towards each other. One person was better at listening and feeling than the other and the other spoke on behalf of the group, while this was their own process. I recognized it, but it didn't bother me anymore. The team responded nicely to it, they were trained on it once. You also notice the support they want from the team, while they sometimes withdraw for a while and let yourself experience it.

This week has allowed me to grow towards a process where I wanted to be, the mood board made me so aware of where I want to go and the explanation about my painting was "amazing" true. Anyway, I'll be back next March.


Never done a week like this before, but what have I got to know myself in this week. For me it was a week of rest and relaxation, but I did not know that I was getting so emotional from a colonic irrigation. I did not show anything, but in the meditation this came up again. Letting go of your caked gut is letting go of emotions, Aschwin said. There was always a fear of failure in me and I avoided people because I felt inferior. I myself thought, what does cleansing the body actually have to do with the workshops, but you soon notice that you feel more through the cleansing. Strange but true, I now know why I feel certain feelings and why I suppress them. At first I didn't like painting, but Hedwig assured me that nobody has to be a painter. The explanation of the painting was very interesting, she knew exactly why I chose certain colors, why this drawing and what this said about me. I was just surprised.

I loved the juices, was not hungry and was fit as a fiddle. I learned so much from Aschwin. What knowledge this man has of his profession, he also tells it with passion and you get it too! The yoga was great in the morning, never done but my back feels better. The group was a lot of fun and you can see the cat from the tree when you enter, but I guarantee you will be one when you leave. I myself have not been able to find a downside, we were really pampered. The care was top and so was the program. Thank you for everything!


I went to detox week and I can only say, old and young come together, you learn from each other, but nothing is crazy what you do. You cry, you laugh and you can finally feel free. I also felt free and people really listened to me. Mentally I have calmed down and boy, what comes out of a gut, according to my whole life from "binge eating". I now feel so clean on the inside, so fresh on the outside and a different person with a different life purpose than before. Innerfresh team; you were great and I will be there again next year. Big kiss from me.


Fabiola in May 2017

I got to know these two special people at the end of 2016. I was in a difficult period at the time. A period in which my body was constipated and my feeling was so deep that I could no longer reach it myself. Hedwig managed to bring me so close to my feelings, both during the weekend in Wijlre and during the week in the Ardennes. Everything came loose. Emotions, fear, a lot of tears, but above all relief. A week in which you don't have to do anything, everything is allowed. You learn to set boundaries, you get to know your own strength, you get to know your body, you learn to open up, ...

Sometimes you doubt and you think what should I do in a group, people who don't know me. They know how to convert that feeling into something very positive. You enter into connections, conversations and experiences. The fear of a crazy snake between your legs is also nothing compared to the reborn feeling afterwards.

In short, these two fantastic people bring you closer to yourself and a little push forward. A big thank you for helping me on my path!

Dorien V. from Gemert, May 2016 and May 2017

Let it go! Let it go! or: my detox at Innerfresh in the Ardennes: From the moment I entered Hedwig and Aschwin again, it felt familiar. The welcome was warm, the fireplace was on, tea was ready. I was very surprised that I met 3 people from the previous detox. All four of us had decided to book another week of Innerfresh detox. That in itself is a good sign and a big compliment to the organization. My girlfriend and I were assigned a lovely spacious room (in calm earth tones) with beautiful bathroom. The beds are fantastic and there is a kind of serene tranquility both inside and outside. The surroundings are really beautiful!

The group was varied and that made the group dynamics very pleasant; there was a lot of laughter, which is good for people too! After the first day, most of them just walked around relaxed and make-up-free in a bathrobe and the beautiful weather allowed us to relax by the pool.

The only thing you "have to do" is to report in time for meals, yoga, workshops and treatments, for the rest you are free to come and go wherever you want. use relaxation. Relaxing, reading, lounging ... and discharging ..... Let it go! let it go! it's detox after all!

The knowledge and craftsmanship of Aschwin, Hedwig and their team is fantastic, in addition they are also very spontaneous and friendly people with a great sense of humor. That helps, especially when you get through it a bit. The juices and light meals are prepared with love and craftsmanship and thanks to supplements you never really feel hungry. Your taste experience also changes quickly.

Add to this the relaxing effects of a four-hand massage with warm oil (OMG, heaven!), A sauna, a facial treatment, a mud wrap, etc. and you understand: You will come out reborn. Focusing on yourself and your body for a week is something that everyone should allow themselves to do. I see it as an investment in my physical and mental health. Literally AND figuratively a lot is released in such a moment of rest and reflection, partly due to the Yoga and meditations. That is allowed, and it is a good thing.

Dear Hedwig and Aschwin, it was delicious, I came home fresh and fruity and can do it again! Until next time! Big Hug !.

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Hedwig and Aschwin