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Cleansing program to do at home

Discover the Cleansing program for your home now!


Do you prefer to do a detoxat home, all in your own time? Then order the Wellness program now

for your home for only € 174.95!

It is the same cure that we offer in practice, the difference is in the rinses.

You do not do this at our practice, but you do it at home with an enema set.

Guidance and follow-up program

Of course you can also do this if you want guidance during the treatment. You will receive an intake before and afterduring the course we make an appointment, where you are explained how to proceed. Then also become you complaints discussed in detail and you will receive advice on how to proceed.

Of course you can keep in touch during the treatment via telephone and Whatsapp.

See rates for this program here.

View all the benefits of this wellness treatment here and give your body a total reset.


Benefits of the home program!


- Easily at home in privacy

- Safe and reliable

- 100% high-quality natural products

- Unique and proven concept

- Very attractively priced and very complete

- Extensive spa description and instructions for use


This Wellness program is just as the one we offer at our practice; three phases: preparation, cure and rebuilding. The complete set consists of 9 bowel cleansing and bowel function restorative products, including a home enema set and a detailed cure booklet as a clear manual. During the program you do an intestinal rinse once or twice a day with lukewarm water, this to optimally remove the released toxins in the intestines. The included program guide explains step by step very clearly how the course should be followed correctly and how one can easily give yourself the intestinal flushes.

You can also do the program without an enema treatment, but with enema treatment you will achieve more results.

Solve your stomach and intestinal complaints now with this home program!

Extra advice
If you would like personal advice, order a consultation before and or after. Price per consultation € 80.

Consultations are often partially reimbursed by your additional health insurance.

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