Frequently asked questions about Sportfasting


How much body weight do I lose after ten days of Sportfasting by Fittergy?

A large scientific study among thousands of Sportvasters shows that an average of 5.8% of his or her body weight loses. In women this is 2 - 4 kg and 3 - 6 kg in men.


Do you also lose muscle mass during the Sportvasten by Fittergy cure?
With a Sportfasting by Fittergy cure, a lot of fluid and glycogen disappears from the muscles - not the muscle proteins. This causes the muscles to decrease in volume. This will come back when you start eating. Research at the VU in Amsterdam on muscle biopsies from Sportvasters shows an increase in muscle fiber diameter, also called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy mainly occurs when following the nutritional and training guidelines properly after a Sportfasting by Fittergy cure.


Can I do Sportfasting when using medication or is it better to do a (mild) detox?
Sportfasting by Fittergy is a heavy training program where you have to be fit without medical complaints. Many people have medicines for prevention, for example for high cholesterol. The Fittergy Coach assesses per person whether it is responsible to go Sportfasting. A mild detox is always possible and is even good for medical complaints.


Which sports can I do during Sportvasten by Fittergy and how much can I train?
You do an intensive endurance training of 20 - 30 minutes every day. You can cycle, cross train, run and row. Your Fittergy Coach determines the correct intensity based on your training zones.