Reimbursement health insurer
By joining the professional association the MBOG, the costs of the treatments during the cure week are eligible for partial reimbursement by the health insurer. You will find what you will be reimbursed on the website of your own health insurer. You can then search for reimbursements and look at alternative medicine or orthomolecular therapy. When you call your health insurer, they may also ask about the professional association, this is the MBOG.

Notice: CZ reimbursements

The CZ group has announced that they will no longer provide reimbursement for orthomolecular medicine in 2019. The CZ group consists of insurance companies CZ, OHRA and Nationale Nederlanden. .

If you want to use our therapy in 2019, we advise you to switch to a different health insurance policy. We will let you know asap what other health insurers reimburse in 2019.

The treatments are with retention of your own risk.

If you would like to know what you can get reimbursed, please contact us:

+31 (0) 645066616 or email us:

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