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Food has a major impact on how you feel, think and act. If you know how to apply nutrition in the right combination, you will find that you can handle much more. Often within a week!

There are many opinions about nutrition, just like about so many other topics. Often so much that you can't see the forest for the trees. All the more important that the information given should be presented in such a simple way that you immediately understand why it can work for you. 

You will gain insight into what you can do yourself to stimulate health and thus vitality. Stress in particular will be a point of attention here. Stress can have different causes, but it is often a convergence of several aspects, which means that stress can damage health and therefore increases the chance that you can drop out. Stress is always there, there is always something that bothers you, whether this takes place in the workplace or at home. This affects each other on both.

It is therefore important to ensure that you become more resistant to stress. As a result, the stress will not be able to harm your health (or at least less) and you will retain sufficient energy, motivation and more. This can be done with a few simple exercises, short meditation, the occasional personal conversation of interest, seeking distraction through hobbies, for example, and of course also through the right way of eating. The latter is mainly discussed.

During this training you will learn the following:

  • What exactly is stress, what happens in the body and what effect it has on resistance, energy and motivation. This increases the insight whether your body is experiencing stress. You can feel it coming, later in the lecture you will learn what you can do at that moment to continue to feel good;

  • Which food is important and when and how do you use it;

  • During this training there is sufficient space for direct questions from the group.

This training gives you more awareness of what you can or should not do to make and keep your body more stress-resistant. Spread throughout the presentation are practical tips that you can put into practice immediately. These tips cover nutrition, exercise, breathing, and more. 

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