On 19 of July 2018: a lady comes to my consultations who had already done a detox with us years ago. Because of her good experiences with us, she came back for a consultation, because she was really not doing well. She suffered from mood swings, a lot of anger, short fuse, stuck mucus accompanied by a lot of coughing and on top of that she had a huge balance disorder. She wobbled so much that she didn't dare to walk without her husband next to here. When people walked behind her, they thought she was drunk! Been to the neurologist a few times before, but she got the impression that he didn't know it, that she was the last hope to approach us. Last November she fell and broke her wrist. This was still not cured properly. Was still swollen and still hurt.
She wanted another detox, because it had done her so well back then, even though she came for completely different health issues.

I have agreed to this, because anger is typically a liver and bile problem and mood swings are amplified by a disrupted gut flora (serotonin is stored in the gut and with poor bowel function, this does not work well). Lungs and large intestine also have an energetic connection, so helping the intestines directly affects the lungs and the coughing and mucus build-up.


8/3/2018: Already during the detox she had immediate results with her swollen  wrist and had less stiffness, but she was even more angry and she indicated that it was all to much and she wanted to stop program. The frustration became too much because of a disturbance of the gallbladder meridian. Her husband told her she should keep going and so should I. Having discussed this well, she continued sticking to the program.

8/8/2018: 3 pounds lighter and her wrist feels even better. Still glad that she continued with the program.

8-10-2018: After the program her wrist was much better, which was definitely noticed by her physiotherapist. She was also much more comfortable and had less anger and frustration, but the waddling was still there. Although it was sometimes less than the other time.
The detox certainly had an effect, but she still needed treatment. At the last consultation of the program, she indicated that her eyes were much more cloudy than before. From Chinese medicine, eyes and liver are connected.

8-10-2018: After the program I did further research with Prognos and indeed liver is still not in balance. Cause: still difficulty processing toxins and a parasite load. Also sensitive to Electrosmog (radiation from WiFi, etc.).
Post-treatment needed with targeted supplements to support this.


9/12/2018: Control. "I'm doing really well": she says happy! She also came to the consultation without her husband. This was a really big win for her. The waddling was almost gone, although she doesn't dare to take the stairs yet. Still has to cough and often has to blow her nose. Doesn't have a cold. Still indicates the inability to properly eliminate toxins.
Supplements adjusted. I'll see her again next month.

So you can see that a detox can trigger a lot of good and also in such a short time! This mainly has to do with cleaning up. This process is called Autophagy. Several people have already won Nobel Prizes for research into Autophagy and can be activated by, among other things, fasting courses. In short, autophagy is getting the mechanics in your body back to work and driving your garbage trucks again.

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6/6/2018 Man on consultation, 36 years old. Important job that requires a lot of concentration.

- Food intolerances
- Intestinal cramps
- Fatigue
- Concentration complaints

Complaints started after an infection with Giardia Lamblia, an annoying parasite.
Has been with several therapists, including an orthomolecular doctor. This man has quit his practice and that is why he comes to me. A client of mine referred him to me.
These parasites can no longer be found in his faeces via faecal research, but he is still left with the residual symptoms.
Dairy in particular gives a lot of problems. Eating bread goes well.
Stool changes, then greasy, then thin and smells a lot.
My suspicion is that a parasitic infection is still present (fecal examinations are not always 100% reliable).
I sometimes describe a parasitic infection as a bomb that has exploded, the bomb is gone, but it leaves a huge mess behind! As a result, the immunesystem isn't working very well in the intestine and the door is open to other infections.
The prognos measuring system has often helped me in these cases and put me in the right direction. The measurement shows that there are fungi, viruses and bacteria, which must certainly be treated if he wants to recover from the complaints mentioned.
The therapy consists of eliminating the deep causes, optimizing the immune system, restoring intestinal flora and intestinal wall permeability, stabilizing sugar levels.
We first start with probiotics and a supplement to get rid of the virusus in the lymphatic system. Viruses often remain dormant in the lymphatic system and can resurface with a reduced resistance and cause serious complaints. We also provide a vitamin C complex with additional nutrients to strengthen the immune system.
With these complaints there is always a leaky gut and for this I recommend 300 to 500ml bone broth daily. This is a great product to repair connective tissue and make the intestinal wall healthy and strong again and it is also delicious.

It is much better. Gut feels good.
Is still tired, but also sleeps badly due to the warm weather.
- Again Prognos measurement
Immune system is still weak and the viruses are not yet completely neutralized. The measurement now also indicates parasites. This happens more often after a treatment, the system indicates in phases what is important to treat first and this may lead to new causes emerging in subsequent measurements.
Treatment multi for immune system, drops against viruses and against the parasites an oregano supplement in combination with another brand of probiotics. (I think it is smart to switch with different probiotics products to stimulate the diversity of the intestinal flora.

Feels good, he sticks to his diet.
Stool can still vary.
Energy is improving, but there is room for improvement.
Sometimes sports go very well, but sometimes sports are also very heavy and he has much less power.
Also indicates that there are more cramps in the abdomen.
- Prognos measurement
viruses and parasites are not yet gone.
agent virus does not work out well.
We will continue to use oregano, immune system multi and other probiotics and drops to get rid of the toxins. Bacteria, etc., leave behind toxins that often cause more interference than the bacteria themselves.

A few days later I had contact via the whatsapp. Abdominal cramping is getting worse and I suggest a bowel irrigation.

6-9-2018 Bowel irrigation and afterwards the abdominal cramps are gone.

18-9-2018 a few days after the cleansing he had problems again and he went to an osteopath detected too much stress in the intestine. He has to go back tomorrow.
Osteopathy is a good therapy that can certainly work in addition to various intestinal complaints.
- Prognos measurement
Malfunction of the small intestine.
Nervous system out of balance, toxins and pituitary malfunction.
We continue with drops to get rid of the toxins and 2 more supplements to get the pituitary and nervous system back in balance.

Is it actually going well, he says. Can eat everything again and his energy is good too. Sports also go well. Measurement also shows much more balance. We continue with an extensive multi with amino acids and extra vitamin D as a good basis.
Contact again in 3 months.

Prognos is showing step by step what have to be eliminate and how to do this and shows which supplements are appropriate to deal with them. In between, there is always something happening in response to the treatment, which immediately take to the next treatment. After 5 to 6 consultations you will see a significant improvement in energy, pain complaints and vitality and the problems are often gone.

Would you also like to receive more information, please let us know. We would like to speak to you to see if our treatments are also for you.

Thank you for reading, it's a long story, but I just wanted to share it. Many health issues can simply be resolved, even if the reatment in the hospital didn't helped you!

Always keep hope and look for a solution!


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