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                                            Constipation                              Eczema
Stomach & Bowel issues                              Diabetes

                                                   Skin problems
                         Fibromyalgia                                                Nutrition

     Detox                                            Autofagy

                                         Fasting                            Chronic illness

Aschwin is a conscious and passionate man when it comes to nutrition and sports. He has been an orthomolecular therapist since 2004 and a member of the MBOG. A requirement of the MBOG is doing scholing every year to stay within the medical and orthomolecular field, so he obtains a lot of knowledge. In addition, he also follows other courses to gain more knowledge. In early 2011 he completed his training in Sportvasten and in March 2014 he completed his training in DNA and constitution. He treats physical complaints with food and supplements and tries to reduce the use of medicines in consultation with the doctor. In his treatments he is using the insights of Medical Medium. Many people follow his programs, but don't know how to exactly to this. Aschwin has thoroughly studied the advice from Medical Medium and he says it works great. Everything falls into place.

In addition, he uses the Prognos measuring system , which is based on Chinese medicine. It is also sometimes called Chinese logic, because all complaints can be traced back to the meridians. If you bring this back into balance, there is again a balance in health and the ailment will resolve itself. If you understand how to apply the Chinese 5 elements teaching, it is also logical that all complaints are connected. Aschwin believes that everyone can feel better, despite someone's complaint.


It's not always easy, but he really believes you can feel better about breaking through certain dietary habits. His main interests are fasting, vegan meals and reducing fat intake. By fasting regularly, long or short, you see that the body works differently. You really feel this effect and he wants everyone to experience the same. The health improvement through fasting has also been scientifically demonstrated. Unfortunately, fasting is not for everyone, on the one hand due to illness or just a feeling of someone, fortunately there are always several ways to Rome!

He teaches doctors and therapists and also in collaboration with them, his work has led to successful results that he is happy to share with you. Aschwin has been active as a colon hydrotherapist since 2006. He also regularly gives courses in Maastricht that everyone can attend. In addition, he writes blogs for various parties.








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Hedwig van Diermen

After Hedwig successfully completed her training as a colon hydrotherapist (bowel cleansing) in 2004, she started Therapeutic Practice Leny Mathiz in Maastricht. The name was changed to Innerfresh in July 2017.


She herself suffered from her intestines for years. Hospital in and out, but the doctors couldn't find anything. "It's between your ears" and "You should learn to live with it," they said. As a competence / performance and meditation / mindfulness coach, she went looking for a solution herself. She found this in the combination of intestinal cleansing, nutrition and coaching.

Now since 2004, she works with her husband Aschwin, an orthomolecular therapist (nutritionist). In addition to her profession as a therapist, Hedwig has been working as a competence / mindfulness coach for 20 years, both privately and in companies ( Hello Hedwig ) plus she organizes reflection weekends and wellness weeks under the name Innerfresh.


Empowering people, making them feel who they are and working together on goals is another part that she uses in her profession as a colon hydrotherapist. "Letting go" is letting go literally and figuratively. "A lot of people I coach say literally; I carry a lot of junk with me for years". IBS is definitely a form of stress retention in your gut. Aschwin and Hedwig also work with regular and complementary doctors.

Innerfresh is located in Maastricht and Buschoten Spakenburg.