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How do you recognize a good Supplement?

Innerfresh itself does not sell supplements, we only advise and we do that via this page. Feel free to read on and find out everything about what makes a supplement good or less good.  If you are not interested in reading further and you are looking for a supplement, scroll all the way down or type the supplement that you search in the search bar at the top right of this website. You will find supplements without unnecessary additives that also work well! Via this page you will then be redirected to the company that does sell it.

The need for supplementation varies from person to person. Therefore, seek advice from Aschwin and/or your doctor before changing or stopping your current medication, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, or if you have a health condition or suspect you may have a medical condition.


The supplements that you can find on this page therefore do not contain any fragrances, colors or flavors! You should also be wary of supplements with alcohol.

Most brands have good and not so good supplements. There are only a few brands that only have good supplements. That's why I only listed the good ones. I also took the price into account, sometimes more expensive is not always better!

As I mentioned above, we do not sell supplements ourselves. We have been working with Nova Vitae and Morgenisnu for years and their service is really great and they charge low shipping costs. Via the search bar you can search for a product and you will find the link where you can buy it. 


Why this page even more

The reason I made this page is that I get clients in my practice who cannot tolerate medication and/or supplements. It is often not the active substances, such as vitamin C, that one cannot tolerate, but the substances that are used to get and keep the active substance in a tablet. In this way, a tablet does not fall apart. In addition, substances are also used to, for example, give a flavor or color to a supplement.

You will find these under the heading aroma, naturally sweetened, natural flavourings, titanium dioxide, etc. These do not belong in a supplement. Aroma is the same as MSG or the E number E621. These substances feed pathogens and tax the brain.

A supplement sweetened with an extract is not a problem, but unfortunately you don't find it that much.

For example, it happens that people maintain their disease by using supplements with wrong additions, these substances can maintain their complaints and keep them sick without being aware of it.


Medical Medium

For those who know Medical Medium, I have taken into account people who follow his protocol. His advice is very good and can be called really special. I use his advice with every client. 

This page is a page in the making and when better supplements come on the market, we will update the site. Also, not all supplements will be on it, there are more and more. Should you need a supplement that is not listed please send me a Whatsapp or a  email  and I will advise you where to find a good and healthy one .

Supplements to Avoid

It is not always clear which supplements are good and which are not. Medical Medium has a list of supplements that should be avoided if you want to heal from a chronic illness. Below are some popular ones.


Betaine  HCL:

It contains one type of acid while our body needs a mix of seven types. Because you do not get the right mix, the balance of your stomach acid is disturbed.


Baking  s oda/sodium bicarbonate (internal use):

Too hard on the intestinal tract and liver. It also destroys good bacteria, which we need.


D iatomee ë tode:

Tearing for the intestinal wall. It also applies a layer to the wall, so that it suffocates good bacteria. Can cause absorption problems and prevent candida from doing its important job.


Supplements to Avoid

Wei  prote ine / protein:

A dairy byproduct that feeds viruses and thereby creates inflammation. Also, it usually contains MSG.

Iron   Supplements:

Avoid non-vegetable iron supplements as they feed Epstein-Bar, shingles and other viruses/bacteria. Virtually all cases of anemia are caused by a viral infection. You can boost your iron in a natural way by eating spinach, barley grass juice powder, parsley, wild blueberries, grapes, blackberries and coriander.



Avoid this amino acid in concentrated form. Herpes and other bugs eat it.


V isol:

Full of heavy metals. Algae-based vegetable omega is good.



Just as eating a sheep's eye will not heal your own eye, animal collagen will repair your own collagen. It does not work and is a burden on the liver. In addition, animal collagen feeds viruses and bacteria. Plant collagen doesn't, yet it doesn't work.


Supplements to Avoid

G landular / gland   supplements:

If they are animal, they are the main food source of viruses/bacteria and cancers (these all live on concentrated animal hormone). Supplements from animal organs or glands are steroids they suppress the immune system, which can hinder it from attacking viruses & bacteria.


This supplement does not properly remove heavy metals from the body. Wild blueberries, Atlantic dulse, barley grass juice powder, coriander & spirulina (main components of the heavy metal detox smoothie) do.

M ultivitamin:

In general, this is a guessing mix of different vitamins in forms, which may or may not be beneficial. They contain so many ingredients that there is only a tiny bit of each nutrient plus fillers. A little bit of everything does nothing for someone trying to heal.

Spirulina is an excellent substitute, especially prenatal.

Skin, hair   and   nail   supplements:

Same problem as the multivitamin

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