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Causes of a bloating

A bloated abdomen is a complaint that I encounter a lot in my clinic, I think at least 80% of my clients experiences this. Sometimes it is the only request for help, but very often a bloated abdomen also occurs with other (very serious) chronic complaints. It is therefore important to do something about this. It can often be solved quickly with some simple adjustments.

Bloating can be caused by several factors, including diet, bile production, stomach acid production, and possibly intestinal bacteria, such as Streptococcus bacteria.

  1. Diet: A diet rich in fats and proteins can lead to overburndend liver and bile production. Excessive fat and protein intake can complicate digestion and cause bloating. You quickly end up with too much fat and protein. By lowering fat and proteins and excluding them from your breakfast, you can notice a quick change in your belly!

  2. Stomach acid production: Excessive bile production in response to a high-fat/high-protein diet can lead to increased stomach acid production as the body attempts to facilitate digestion. It is the body's response to make the stomach work harder to compensate for the overloaded liver and reduced bile production. This can also lead to stomach irritation and bloating. Here too, it is important to reduce fats and proteins and stimulate your stomach acid production with sodium from celery (juice), leafy vegetables, cucumbers, etc.

  3. Biofilm: When digestion does not proceed optimally, a layer of undigested food is formed on the inside of the intestinal wall. This is called a biofilm. You can compare this with dental plaque, it is important to eat better and brush your teeth better to prevent plaque from forming. Plaque also harbors undigested food residues and bacteria can grow in this, causing cavities. The biofilm in the intestine is no different, this complicates the muscle function of the intestine and can cause constipation. The biofilm also houses various bacteria, such as Streptococcus, which irritate the intestinal wall and lead to (mild) gastritis and bloating. Other names for this problem are IBS or SIBO. It is then important to stimulate liver and bile production by also reducing fat and protein intake, eating more fruit and leafy vegetables and drinking celery juice to clean up the biofilm. Colon irrigations (Colon hydrotherapy) are also very useful here, as they help remove the biofilm, stimulate bile production and help to promote intestinal peristalsis.

  4. Stress: Excessive stress, both chronic and acute, can play a role in digestive problems and bloating. Stress can increase the production of adrenaline, which can irritate the intestinal lining and negatively affect digestion. Stress is something that happens to everyone and that is why it is important to increase stress resistance. This already works very well with the advice I mentioned above, but what really works well is to eat every 2 hours, specifically a combination of vegetables and fruit. So not just an apple or just a piece of cucumber, but both! An apple and a piece of cucumber or a banana with a cucumber or a date with a celery stalk. So always try to eat fruits and vegetables together.

It is important to note that the exact causes of bloating can vary from person to person. In case of long-term complaints, there is actually always a bacteria present, which you will have to treat with the right diet. Supplements are necessary in most cases, but it is possible without them, but the complaints will never completely disappear and can quickly get worse again in times of stress.

If you experience persistent digestive problems, it is advisable to seek help. The advice people often hear is to just learn to live with it. In most cases the GP cannot do anything, because nothing can really be found. Blood results show no abnormalities, and stool tests often reveal nothing. If something is found, such as a persistent bacteria or a parasite, a heavy course of antibiotics is initiated. This seems to do something in the short term, but over time the problems return.

If you really want good advice, please contact me. This can of course also be done first without obligation by telephone.

Greetings Aschwin

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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