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What is Fat Fasting?

Fat-fasting is a 9-day  detox program in which you eat completely fat-free with the aim of getting the liver and bile flow back on track, so that the removal of waste is optimized again. The result is a mentally and physically more energetic body, while you also lose the necessary kilos!

It is a program of only 9 days where you eat no fats at all. No animal products, such as meat, yogurt or egg, but also no almond milk or avocado. Don't get me wrong, an avocado is super healthy, but we'll leave it out for now. Only 9 days only! All you eat is vegetables, potatoes, fruits and herbs. Hunger does not exist in this program, because if you are hungry you just eat an apple, banana or something else!

Why Fat Fasting?

I have guided many people with fasting programs. From Intermittent Fasting from 3 to 5 days full fasting. These are also detox programs, but we also offer a lot of sport fasting. Still good programs, but if someone is sick, it may not be the right choice to use these programs. Also people told me that they didn't want to fast because they just wanted to eat. From these questions the Vet-Vasten program arose. 

Difference with fasting!

With 'normal' fasting you completely omit the food and because of this the idea is that the body gets a reset. However, I've found that cutting out food isn't the trick, just cutting out fat gives the results. This means that you can just eat the rest. With 'normal' fasting you do not eat or drink any fat, you often only drink vegetable and fruit juices or soup. You also leave out the fat. If you omit the fat, you automatically omit the proteins. Protein is always accompanied by fat. The great thing is if you only omit the fat, you can eat normally. Bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes for example, can be eaten normally. All foods that are thought to make you fat, but this is completely false. You gain weight when fat is combined with carbohydrates, so some gravy over the potatoes or some fruit in combination with yogurt. The combination ensures that the sugar in the potato or fruit is not absorbed. The fat blocks this!

Why Fat Fasting?

It's all about the liver, it is slowly clogging up from consuming too much fat, because yes, we all eat too much fat! Especially in the morning we should not eat fat. The liver then wants to detoxify / rid our body of waste products and the liver needs a lot of energy for that. It only gets this energy from sugars, the glucose that is in fruit and potatoes, for example. To give our body a boost, we eat no fat at all for 9 days. After that, it would be enough to just avoid fat in the morning. 

What does the program look like?

The program lasts 9 days and is supported with vegetable juices and four supplements. At breakfast and lunch you eat a smoothie and for dinner a dish of your choice. Recipes are included. In between you eat a piece of fruit and a piece of vegetables. If you are more hungry, you can eat more from a list of permitted foods. During the 9 days, vegetable juices are also drunk every day, this is important to be able to remove the released waste. Waste can be removed better if no fat is eaten and the recommended supplements help with this process. 

The program includes 4 supplements and 2 consultations, one before the program to map out any health complaints and the second consultation afterwards to explain how you can maintain the result and continue._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

In addition to the program are 2 bowel irrigations that are scheduled within 9 days. Intestinal irrigations can help enormously in the removal of waste, so you see a better result and often faster!

Depending on the complaint, additional supplements may be advised.


The result of Fat Fasting is that one loses quite a few kilos, which consists of fat and fluid. 30% of excess weight generally consists of fluid. A healthy liver immediately cleans the lymphatic vessels, which are often also clogged with excess fats. Pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria, leave behind a biofilm that mainly burdens the liver, mild and lymphatic fasting. The biofilm is a kind of fat-like layer in which pathogens reside and from there put constant pressure on the immune system. If you tackle this, you will also notice that the energy increases and you are much clearer in your head!

For whom?

Actually, anyone can follow this program, but I always want to be sure. That is why we first do an intake, it may be that I first give some advice before we start this program. If in doubt, give me a call and we'll discuss it first.


The price of the program is € 250,- without colonics. 
Optional, but desirable are two colonics!

- Colon irrigation € 85 per treatment. 

Fat Fasting is a Cleanse of Medical Medium  

Consultations are eligible for reimbursement from the supplementary insurance. Read more about it here.


If you have any questions about Vet-Vasting, feel free to call or send an app or email!

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