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-> Does a bowel cleansing hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt. Via a small tube (cannula) we bring filtered water at body temperature into the intestine under very light pressure. This slowly fills the large intestine with water and you can feel the urge for a need to go to the toilet. The pressure is due to the pressure of the water, which is monitered on a pressure gauge. We can often see much sooner whether there is an urge or not, just before that urging moment (if there is actually any), the water runs out of the intestine. The water is what does the job and nog the pressure! This way you hardly feel any pressure and therefore no pain.

-> Is bowel cleansing right for me?

Many people with regular bowel movements automatically assume that their bowels are in a healthy condition. It is therefore expected that they will not immediately benefit from cleaning the intestine.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Experience in the field of intestinal cleansing has taught us a lot. Even in people with apparently healthy bowel movements, impaired bowel function can be found. This is caused by a hardened old faeces that is stuck to the colon wall. This layer can stretch over the entire length of the large intestine. This layer appears to consist of the old undigested and accumulated remains of the stool. This can be so thick that only a small tunnel remains free for the softer stool to pass. This makes it difficult to absorb important nutrients.


Also, the waste from the bloodstream can not be properly transported to the intestines. One thing and another accumulates, and fermentation is the result. Complaints that accompany this can vary from constipation to diarrhea with the associated unpleasant smell. This condition is reversible by removing the hardened layer on the intestinal wall. In this way, your intestine can continue to work normally. 

-> Why intestinal flushes?

Intestinal flushes are used to rid the body of toxic waste and the hardened old undigested and accumulated remains of the stool. 

Bowel cleansing also intensifies the elimination (elimination) of waste products in the urine. Water that is introduced into the intestines is partly absorbed by the body. This improves blood circulation and thus also the metabolic process of all body cells. As a result, the cells can let go more waste products, which reduces the toxins in the body. The body is now able to eliminate faster and effectively through both the skin and kidneys and of course also through the appropriate organs of digestion.


The water that is introduced gives back pressure to the intestines. This restarts the peristaltic movement of the intestine and thereby strengthens the intestinal wall muscle.


The benefit of bowel cleansing is also indispensable for a number of medical procedures such as:


- Bowel examinations (rectal scopy and sigmoidoscopy surgery).


- Before and after an X-ray.


- Removal of old metabolic residues.


-> I don't live nearby and would you like to take the program?

We also have programs you can do at home and in addition we can schedule a consultation online via Skype or WhatsApp.

If you prefer to come to Maastricht, you can also book a hotel or a B&B. We are in contact with various parties in Maastricht. If you prefer to make it a fun day in Maastricht and drive back in the evening, that's fine.

Another option is to come to one of our detox retraites. You stay a week at a luxurious castle. ( More info )

Effective bowel irrigation

After a meal, food reaches the stomach, small intestine and then the large intestine. When it reaches the first piece of the colon, the food is still in the form of a liquid knit, allowing all of the remaining nutrients to be absorbed through the intestinal wall. But years of stress, an unhealthy diet, and ignoring the natural urge to go to the toilet can cause a rubbery layer of old stool to form on the gut wall. This is called a biofilm. This biofilm can also arise due to insufficient physical activity. This layer of old stool prevents the absorption of nutrients by the body and is a source of negative intestinal bacteria. Instead, the waste products from the thickened stool are absorbed back into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. These waste products reach other organs, such as the kidneys and the liver, which then have to take on this extra burden of elimination. This puts the entire system under pressure, so that the body can no longer properly defend itself against all these waste materials.


Colon hydrotherapy also cleanses the other organs, because each part of the colon represents an organ. Among other things, this treatment removes many toxins, making the skin stronger and healthier. People can look years younger. Read also our blog to find more out on what toxins do for virusus, bacteria, fungi and parasites!

Toxic Condition Symptoms ...

Build-up of waste products in the body: it is easy to imagine how unhealthy it is when stool 'accumulates' in the body. If left untreated, several organs and even the circulatory system can give up. When one finally goes to the doctor, one has suffered for years from the symptoms of a toxic condition and constipation:


- Gas formation such as flatulence and burping

- Stomach and intestinal complaints

- Bad breath, fogged tongue, unpleasant body odors

- Rash, gray pale appearance

- Cold hands and feet, fluid build-up in the extremities

- Pain in the lower back

- Bulging soft or hard abdomen

- Fatigue, depression

- Irritation, fear, nervousness

- Pain in muscles and joints

- Mucus formation in lungs, throat, nose and sinuses

- Headache, allergies

- Colds and flu

- Menstrual problems

- Difficulty with prostate

- Lack of sexual interest

- Irregular blood pressure

- Chronis illness


It is a cleansing of the large intestine to restore or maintain one's own health.

In summary, this method of bowel irrigation is particularly comfortable and effective.

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-> What are intestinal flushes?

Bowel irrigation works like taking a bath, but from the inside. By 'bathing' the intestine, it can be thoroughly cleaned of gas formation, fermentation processes and a caked layer of waste materials. Bowel irrigation works more effectively than an enema because of the continuous flow in and out of warm filtered water. The disrupted functioning of the colon is the cause of many health problems. A clean, healthy intestine ensures that all body tissue functions better.

Colon Hydro therapie
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