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How do I know if I have gallstones?


  • Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows

  • Pimples or hair growth between the eyebrows

  • Green or dark color of the temples on the side of the head

  • Oily skin in the area of ​​the forehead

  • A yellow color skin of the face

  • Black dots and small or large brown spots on the skin.
    They are the
    color of freckles or moles (liver spots)


  • Hardening and thickening of the tip of the nose

  • The nose is constantly red

  • A split nose or a notch in the tip of the nose

  • The nose bends to the left

The eyes:

  • The skin color under eyes is yellowish

  • Fluid build-up (water sacs) under the lower eyelids

  • A white cloud covers the pupil of the eye

  • Constant redness in the white of the eye

  • A thick white line covers parts of the rim of the iris, especially the lower parts

  • The eyes have lost their natural brilliance and shine

The tongue, mouth, lips and teeth:

  • The tongue is covered with a yellow / white layer, especially in the back

  • Tooth marks on the side of the tongue, often accompanied by a white discharge

  • Pimples on the tongue

  • Cracks in the tongue

  • Repeated mucous discharge in the throat and mouth

  • Bad breath and frequent belching

  • The formation of scabs in the corners of the mouth

  • Dark pimples or spots on the lip

  • Puffy or swollen lips

  • Swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums

  • Dental problems

Hands, nails and feet:

  • White, oily skin on the fingertips

  • Dark red fingernails

  • Vertical ridges in the fingernails

  • Hard edges in the ball of the foot

  • A yellow color of the feet

  • Hardening of the tip of the fourth toe or a yellowing in the area under the fourth toe

  • A curved big toe

  • A white color and rough surface of the nails of the fourth and fifth toes

  • Liver spots

The nature of the stool:

  • The bowel movement or stool gives off a sharp, sour or pungent odor

  • Dry and hard bowel movements

  • The stool looks pale or clay-colored

(Source: The Incredible Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing According to Andreas Moritz)

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