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Marion Christianen

This is a special testimonial, because Marion tells her own story about her stomach problems in her own podcast and Aschwin is interviewed directly in this podcast! Listen it on Spotify !


Jenneke van Genechten


Amanda Beijer

Dear Ashwin,

Positive news from me for the first time in years.

No questions, no issues. I feel very good after the detox, I feel like a rocket and I release a lot of toxins and weight. 

I feel alive, creative and loving towards myself and others.


I really want to thank you for your advice and patience with me and for continuing to look for solutions with me. I can ALWAYS contact you and your advice and explanation step by step have helped me enormously. I'm not there yet! But I am officially Lyme free and have lost 10 kilos since the summer and I feel better than ever. THANKS.


Love, Jenke

On September 10 of last year I had an online consultation with Amanda. She comes from Ede and she was actually much too ill to come to Maastricht.

The day before she had spoken to the doctor, blood and stools not good, was full of inflammation. She hadn't expected otherwise, because she was in so much pain. During this consultation, we discussed everything and prepared nutritional advice. She reacted badly to many foods and that's why it took a while. The necessary supplements were used to tackle inflammation, to cleanse the body of waste products and to tackle the virus. Because yes, ulcerative colitis is caused by viruses, just like Crohn's disease. This will be hard to believe for many people, but if you accept this and start fighting it, you will see results quickly.


Amanda tells how it went!

For years I was sick, and I didn't know what it was...


In the past, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, but now I was constantly hanging over the toilet to vomit again for an evening, without knowing what was wrong with me.


And because I continued to have these complaints, I went in and out of the hospital to be examined or because I had to be admitted again, because I was completely exhausted and/or my potassium level in my body was too low. I was given a laundry list of medication without the doctors knowing exactly what was wrong with me. People were aware that I also had a diaphragmatic rupture in addition to Ulcerative Colitis, but at the same time they indicated that it was between my ears and that they treated me like a number. (In hindsight, I suspect that the inflammation in her throat may not have been from the diaphragmatic rupture, but rather that she had Crohn's disease and not Ulcerative Colitis. This explains the vomiting much more, due to the spasms that the inflammation can cause. Aschwin)


Eventually I find out through a bioresonance therapist that I have allergies, namely gluten and cow's milk. Something the hospital could not observe. Because I was prescribed the wrong medication for years in combination with the wrong food, I was completely exhausted, listless and to top it off I had suffered food poisoning. I was a dead bird, until a friend of mine indicated to see if Innerfresh could be something for me.


She had already had some success with this form of treatment. On the advice of Aschwin from Innerfresh, I changed my diet and also removed eggs from this. From watermelon, different teas, delicious fruit smoothies, fresh leafy vegetables, to Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cucumber. My entire diet was overhauled in combination with a targeted addition of supplements. You can also contact him at any time for advice and questions, for example by sending a WhatsApp message.


Partly thanks to the advice of Aschwin, I have completely recovered and I have energy for ten again!


Thanks again and I will continue to follow your advice!


Greetings Amanda


The recovery really went up and down, a week after our first appointment she was already in the hospital, because the pain was unbearable and had to vomit continuously. After a few days back at home, she had been given a stomach protector. She hadn't been able to start with all the advice yet, because she still felt so sick. Unfortunately, she was admitted again on October 4, with the same complaints. Her friend had informed me. So things really didn't go well for her. I couldn't get in touch with her nor did I know what to do. I was really concerned. A few days later I got a message from her. She was then able to pick up the advice again, but she could hardly keep any food inside. Especially hot food was not really possible. I then took a supplement for the spasms and put her on a mono diet for a few days, in the morning lemon water and celery juice and otherwise only bananas and papayas. This gives a lot of rest in the intestines, bananas are great for liver energy and provide nutrition for the good intestinal bacteria and breakdown of the pathogenic bacteria. Papayas are also wonderful, they contain many enzymes that greatly stimulate wound healing and aid in the digestion and clearing of undigested food. This has done her good, because from October 10th it went a little better every day, energy was still lagging behind.

On November 1, she sends me an app that it's actually going well. It's slow, but no relapse. Even went back to work for a few hours.

On November 12 at the GP, no more blood in the stool.

November 30 she is actually doing very well, she feels like a different person. She is still tired after walking 2 flights of stairs.


Sent her an app yesterday and still going really well, no more vomiting. Energy is almost back and is slowly building up the exercise again.


Although it may sometimes seem that recovery is no longer possible and all hope is gone, I would like to tell you that you should keep looking. I believe that recovery is always possible, no matter how hopeless it may seem. I'm not saying I can solve everything, I'm still learning every day and I've been able to help many people, others I couldn't and I was able to help others on their way. Keep hoping and looking for the solution!


Gr Aschwin


Kirsten Thomissen

The first time we had contact she told me she couldn't stand fruit and vegetables. Always stomachache and tired tired tired! 

I am 32 years old and have allergies to trees and grasses and therefore can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables…at least that's what I told everyone until 1 month ago. Until I came into contact with Aschwin and he said: believe me, you will soon be able to eat anything…. I was very skeptical, but after years of stomach pain almost 24 hours a day forced me to look for another solution.

A little history about me:

When I was 16 I was diagnosed with hay fever and I was given medication and that was it… the following years the complaints got worse. Around my 20s I started to suffer from itching and irritations with eating fresh products. My then GP said very simply: “Whatever bothers you, that eats

no more”, but I still wanted to know more about the allergies and was referred to an immunologist. There I became eligible to take immunotherapy. Simply put, every week they inject a substance with allergic stuff into your body and they build that up. After a year and a half of weekly spraying and building it turned out to have hardly any results…. So I stopped. After a final conversation with the immunologist in which I asked… can I try something to eat again… or what happens if I walk in the forest on a hot day with everything in bloom? The answer to both was: don't do this at all, because then you'll end up here at the emergency room with all the consequences that entails.  And that sentence has stayed with me for years… although I sometimes really tasted fruit. I was very itchy, but nothing serious happened. However, as the years went by, my bowels started to hurt more and more. I often had such a bloated stomach as if I were pregnant. In the meantime several dietitians and sports experts have been consulted, but have not gotten very far with all the advice. So I googled and that's where I came across the Innerfresh site. I got curious, maybe this could help me. But what I mainly saw was a lot of fresh food, but how would I go about doing that?

Aschwin told me that because I omitted all the fresh food, I had such painful bowels and that sounded logical to my ears, but I was once told that I could never eat this again. After a long first conversation with Aschwin I was cycling home and I thought, wow do I really dare to do this? On the way stopped at the AH and immediately bought fresh bananas, cucumbers and a mountain of frozen fruit. How bizarre, I used to avoid the supermarket with all the stuff that was banned and now I had to and above all I was allowed to buy fresh products. The next day was the exciting moment. Starting the day with warm water with lemon juice and honey…the reaction was intense itching in my mouth, nose and ears…but nothing else happened to me! On to cucumber juice and again intense itching, but nothing special happened… then lunch a smoothie with: fresh banana, wild blueberries and coconut water. The first sip was heavenly, heart rate at 200 for my feeling and very nervous while drinking it. I was home alone at the time, holding my phone tight in case I had an extreme allergic reaction, but I just continued to breathe normally, nothing special happened except for the itching. Wow, could I really eat all of this again after all these years. The answer was YES. We experimented with food for 2 weeks. Another world opened up for me. During those 2 weeks already started taking supplements. After the two weeks I started the detox program, which was intense at times, but very much needed. I noticed that my daily stomach pain was getting less little by little, but the itching with eating things also decreased.

It's now been a month and I start the day with warm water with lemon juice and honey with hardly any itching, followed by cucumber juice with a little itching still. Then a nice fresh smoothie, in between a fresh banana. And then in the afternoon a delicious fresh salad with lots of spinach leaves, lettuce, vegetables and fruit…almost without itching. In between I eat bone broth and again some fruit. And dinner with potatoes and lots of vegetables with the occasional piece of fish or meat.  I feel 100% better compared to 1 month ago. I'm not there yet, but that will come. I think my abdominal pain complaints have decreased by 60%. Previously I was a real sweet tooth, sweets and pastries delicious! Fries were often used. Eating meat every day and the most that surprises me now is that I don't tend to eat this kind of food at all anymore, how is that possible? Because I now know how bad that kind of food is for my body. And that makes it much easier for me to make healthy choices. I am not saying that I will never eat something like this again, certainly I am, because I still love it…but at least with the rest of the day nicely balanced.

I am honest to follow the detox program and to maintain a healthy lifestyle requires discipline and planning. Especially in combination with work, it is important to plan things well. But the result I have achieved through this is 100% worth it! The collaboration with Aschwin is very nice. I can tell him everything and he really takes your personal goals and problems into account and finds a perfect solution.

Let's do it together

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