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Cold sores and canker sores

Caused by the herpes virus and causes mouth and throat ulcers. A cold sore (fever blister) is especially annoying because it doesn’t look very nice and it can break easily because you always feel a tension around the blister. They can also itch and hurt. Canker sores are more vicious because they can cause a sharp pain. Before one is almost gone, a new one develops. This makes it a very annoying problem.

Fortunately, something can be done about it with Propolis. The doctor will give you medication, starting with a cream. If complaints persist, you can be given something orally. You don't actually want to take medication, but also you don't want to walk around with a cold sore for too long. Most of the time its gone in a couple of days to a week, but really Propolis is the recommended product! It works much faster!

How do you use it?

If the cold sore is wet, first dry it with a tissue and then apply 1 or 2 drops of Propolis with a cotton tip or your finger. Wash your hands well afterwards. I would also take 2 pipettes of Propolis twice a day. For canker sores, spray 2 pipettes of Propolis on the affected area and try to keep it on the affected area for as long as possible and then swallow. You do this twice a day. The taste of Propolis takes some getting used to, but believe me it works great!

If you often have Cold sores or canker sores, use Propolis long-term. At least 2 months, but even then it can come back. You will then have to make a treatment plan and eat foods that viruses don’t like and remove foods that actually make viruses stronger, such as eggs, gluten and dairy. Often more supplements are needed, such as zinc, vitamin C, lysine. If this advice does not work, please contact me for a treatment plan. You can often get rid of it quickly.

You can find the right supplements without unnecessary additives via the links below:

  • Zink

  • Vitamine C (Ester-C)

  • Lysine


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Lyme recovery therapist

Colon hydro therapist


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