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Lyme desease

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

A disease that is also becoming increasingly common is Lyme disease and people can be really sick of this, which can last for years. It is also called a multi-system disease because it can affect all your organs (systems). This is also the reason that it is generally so difficult to treat, because it cannot be pigeonholed. That's why you don't get any further. I also think that in my practice I have encountered Lyme disease quite often without people having being diagnosed for Lyme. It is mainly the neurological issues that makes and keep people so sick and I have a good treatment program for this. In all those people with these complaints, a number of people had a Lyme diagnosis, but also many people didn't and didn't know why they were sick. When I heard about the Lyme recovery therapist education, I immediately registered and with the reason that after completing this education I was able to recognize Lyme more quickly. In this way I can save people the agony of looking for the right treatment. It was a well-organized course that was also fun to follow. I also managed to complete the training very well.

Despite being a well put together education, the cause of Lyme disease is still seen as an infection with a bacteria and this is not entirely true!

The true cause of Lyme disease is viral, not bacterial. If this surprises you, know that the medical industry has begun to move Lyme disease out of the bacterial category and place it in the autoimmune category instead. What this autoimmune designation means is that medical research and science have lost their belief that Lyme is bacterial, even though the system has been set up for decades to make us believe that the disease is caused by bacteria.

Blood test labs for Lyme disease still test for and indicate that the disease is bacterial, although this process will eventually shift over time. Calling Lyme autoimmune is the medical industry saying, "We don't know the cause of Lyme." The reason for this recent development and the fact that medical research and science are now questioning whether Lyme disease is bacterial is because of the Medical Medium book series. With the release of the first book, Medical Medium, which provided the truth about the cause of Lyme disease, millions of people around the world, including doctors and other health professionals, began to change their perspective. Now there are doctors helping their patients heal by realizing that viruses like Epstein-Barr (EBV), shingles, HHV-6, HHV-7, herpes simplex 1, herpes simplex 2, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) cause their Lyme symptoms. . Keep in mind that there are over 60 varieties of EBV, over 30 types of shingles, and multiple varieties of these other herpes viruses.

Bacteria can't cause neurological symptoms, which is exactly what patients with Lyme disease suffer from. Pain, tingling and numbness, dizziness, eye-floaters, weak limbs, palpitations, burning skin, jaw pain, neck pain, muscle twitching, tics and spasms are some of these neurological symptoms, and these are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Other complaints that are common are: emotional complaints, fever, joint complaints, enormous fatigue, poor vision, brain fog and complaints can move enormously through the body.

Viruses such as the more than 60 variants of EBV, more than 30 variants of shingles, and multiple variants of HHV-6, HHV-7, herpes simplex and CMV release neurotoxins — and it is neurotoxins that are responsible for these neurological symptoms. Bacteria cannot release neurotoxins; bacteria cannot cause the neurological symptoms associated with Lyme disease. Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia and other bacteria believed to cause Lyme are not superbugs. They do not have the antibiotic resistance that, for example, MRSA does, and bacteria that are not antibiotic resistant cannot compete with antibiotics. If Lyme is bacterial, antibiotics should be able to cure Lyme! The reason we've seen people for decades who haven't recovered from Lyme disease despite taking multiple courses of antibiotics is that they were battling viruses all the time. This is why Lyme disease patients first started showing improvements when natural therapies were introduced alongside antibiotic treatments. Some of those natural therapies, which were gambling games, reduced the patients' viral load without anyone realizing that this was the cause of symptom relief. Cats Claw is a natural herb that became popular for helping Lyme patients. That therapy began more than three and a half decades ago with the information from Medical Medium and has helped tens of thousands of people with Lyme disease over the years, including some of the original people who were first diagnosed. Cat's claw has shifted the medical system, both alternative and conventional, to accept it as a very useful therapy for Lyme disease. Originally, in the 1970s, when doctors noticed an increase in symptoms in both children and adults with no explanation as to what was happening, they correctly theorized that Lyme disease was viral. However, because there were no drugs for viruses at the time, antibiotics became the method of treatment, in part because they made money for Big Pharma. Billions of dollars have been sold for antibiotics for Lyme disease for decades. Although doctors initially thought Lyme was viral, they had to shift the explanation and call it bacterial to support the treatment. Viruses like EBV and shingles feed on toxic heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and copper, and people with Lyme symptoms have more mercury than other metals. The neurotoxins released by a virus that has consumed mercury are much more aggressive than others, causing the neurological symptoms that Lyme patients know all too well. Again, bacteria do not make neurotoxins. The condition is exacerbated by foods that cause anxiety, such as eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and gluten, as well as a high-fat/protein diet. There's a trail of people getting sicker and sicker, not just because of Lyme itself, but because of the Lyme treatments they've had over the decades. It is time for people to know the truth so that they can be healed. Lyme is not caused by a tick bite, but it can be a trigger for something that was already there! And what was already there, for example, is the Epstein Barr virus, the virus that also causes mononucleosis. Pfeiffer is also called "Glandular fever" or "Kissing disease". You often become infected with this virus in your teenage years, one person gets sick for a long time and the other is only sick for a week. However, the EBV is then in your system, hiding and sleeping. It does not immediately cause complaints, but waits for a chance for a trigger and such a trigger can be a tick bite. But this trigger can also be a period of prolonged stress or nowadays it can also be caused by a previous Covid infection and then you have Long Covid. There are many triggers that can trigger the EBV.

Recently it has become known that research shows that EBV is also at the basis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It has long been said that MS is actually linked to Lyme, and this is because many MS patients tested positive for the spirochete bacterium Borrelia. However, these spirochetes have nothing to do with bacteria, but are very similar to bacteria. This is also where the confusion comes from and antibiotics remain the way to treat Lyme disease. Viruses create byproducts, debris and the famous spirochetes, which are no less than viral envelopes mistaken for bacteria. The cause is misunderstood and therefore the wrong treatment is chosen and people remain sick.

If you want the right treatment for Lyme disease, please contact me. You can do this via 0651249421 (or Whatsapp) or make an appointment by phone for a free introductory meeting via this link (click here).

Regards Aschwin

Orthomolecular nutritionist & Lyme recovery therapist

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