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Supplements for detox

This time we discuss supplements that you can use if you want to detox. The importance of supplements is that you take the right supplements in combination with a number of foods, the importance of which I will explain later. This combo provides a super healthy detox, which deeply cleanses, restores and even heals, but then in a mild way. Especially the the 'Mild way' is very important! In our practice we have been advising detox programs since we started the practice in 2005. We have already offered many different products and programs in the practice and have also achieved many good results. But developments do not stand still and we must all go along with this. More and more knowledge is being gained on this subject.

Too heavy programs

Many detox programs work way too hard and focus too much on the gut. The intestines are often the problem and if you clean them, you can be in 1 tot 2 weeks of detoxing a completely different person. More energy, slimmer, better focus, more stress resiliant, in short, great results that everyone problaby wants. But there is a big but! Everything you cleanse from the bowels also passes through the liver and many programs do not take this into account. This can overload the liver and make you feel much worse. This worse feeling can often come much later! When the liver can't keep up, the waste products stay in your body for too long and get stuck again, often in other places as well. Yo-yoing can then be a consequence. That is why a detox that focuses on the liver is a much better approach than one that focuses on the intestines alone! If you make your liver healthier, the bile function will also start and bile will also cleanse your intestines and bowels. So win-win! This way of detoxing is often much easier to maintain and you can therefore maintain it for a longer period of time. Detoxing for one or two weeks is good, but whether the liver is really fit after two weeks is questionable, even though it may seem that way!

With a heavy detox program you are busy all day with a strict diet and you often have to use protein products that are combined with herbs. The whole day is not always necessary and often a few adjustments up to 12 hours can really work wonders! The herbs used during a detox are great, but the proteins are not. Too much protein depletes your bile, while you a better gall production. During a detox you actually want to get as little protein as possible, but especially not the proteins of animal origin! I mean those who come form meat, fish, poultry and the biggest culprits are proteins from egg, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. The last four are a strong source of food source for all pathogens. Also choose detox products to which no substances have been added, such as fragrance, color and flavorings. The herbs are often not tasty and flavorings are often added. If you want to know more about this click here or make an appointment with me and I can advise you about this.


Pathogens are viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. If you feed them, the disease will get worse or you will not get it under control. The greatest effect and goal of detoxing is that you starve the pathogen! Pathogens are the culprits why we all feel so bad and are (Chronic) ill. More than half of the Dutch population has one or more chronic health problems, which is quite a lot! If you also realize that most Chronic health problems start around our 40th to 45th year, then we are sick for almost half of our lives!

Pathogens are also fed with waste products that the body does not get rid of properly. These waste products accumulate, if you clear them up through a detox program, you starve the pathogen and the pathogen can cause less problems. This is why you can feel so good after a detox, but the pathogen doesn't have to be gone yet. It goes into a kind of sleep mode and can still cause problems. That is why you see quit often that people start to feel worse after a detox. This can be after a week or after months, depending on how healthy you eat, stress moments and more.


And there is another problem, if you are going to detox, the body also uses the adrenal glands to support the detox. A lot of people and I meand really a lot of people feel less well because the adrenals are constantly working overtime. You notice this by a stressed feeling, hunted, tired, poor concentration, continuous appetite for sweets! Not being able to recover, but also not being able to lose weight, the adrenal glands are not really fit either. When you do a detox when your adrenal glands are not fit, you are going to make the problem worse. Pay close attention here, because you can feel really great at first, but then 2 or 3 months you can be back to square one (or worse), because the adrenals will then call it a day. Feeling good is often the result of an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline gives a fit feeling, more focus, clarity and more. If you are going to detox, it is extremely important to support the adrenal glands to prevent an adrenaline rush.

How should you detox?

You initially want to support the liver, which collects waste that the body has to deal with. This collection takes place on the back of the liver and mainly occurs at night, and in the morning the liver gets rid of his garbage. To get all those garbage trucks going, the liver needs a lot of energy and this energy is glucose! Glucose is in all fruit, (sweet) potatoes, pumpkins, honey, but also in vegetables. Meat also contains glucose, but meat also contains fat and fat is precisely the culprit and not the fruit sugars, as many think. Fat blocks the absorption of sugar in the liver. The advice is therefore not to eat fat until noon. Fat is in many products. Such as: chicken, meat, fish, dairy, egg, vegetable milk, avocado, nuts, seeds and kernels. An avocado or some pumpkin seeds are very healthy for you, but we don't want to eat it until 12 o'clock. By omitting the fat, you create an optimal absorption of glucose in the liver, which allows the liver to put the garbage by the side of the road.

This is how the biochemistry of the liver works, if we continue to eat fat for till lunch time, the liver cann't get rid of its waste and this is at the expense of energy and nutrient storage. Energy and nutrients are also stored on the back of the liver, it does this in case we spend the whole day shopping in the city and we cannot eat properly. Fortunately, we have built up a supply of energy and nutrients. The problem, however, is that the liver always prioritizes the storage of waste products over the storage of energy and nutrients. This is, among other things, the reason that we are all a bit tired, there is no supply. You then have to keep eating to feel more energetic. However, you always have an appetite for the wrong things, filled cakes, snickers and pastries! Full of the wrong sugars and full of fat! This combo makes it even worse.

For the person who can use a little more energy, eating fat-free until lunch is a very simple way to detox and get his or her energy back. You only eat fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are very easy, but a mug of soup instead of coffee is also highly recommended! Soup in the morning may be a strange thought, but it really is tastefull! Especially now that it's a bit colder. Please note that the soup is also fat-free, so do not fry your onion, garlic and tomato in the olive oil first. No, go straight into the water.

If you are tired and you have health issues, you need something extra and you really have to detox. You can do this with a number of foods combined with a number of supplements. It is best if you combine it in a smoothie for breakfast. This concerns the following five substances.

  • Wild blueberries

  • Handful of fresh coriander or parsley

  • Seaweed

  • Spirulina

  • Barley grass raw juice powder

If you combine these five ingredients with bananas, juice of a few oranges and put them through the blender, you get a delicious smoothie that, in combination with the fat-free food for up to 12 hours, helps you to remove your waste products from your body in a good way,, every day again!

What do these 5 foods do for you?

Not only is this smoothie delicious, it's also perfectly designed to contain five key ingredients that work in synergy to pull heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, and cadmium out of your organs where they accumulate.

Toxic heavy metals are everywhere and present in things we come into contact with every day, such as aluminum cans and aluminum foil, batteries, metal cookware, old paint, and even the food we eat. For example, pesticides and herbicides (which are difficult to completely avoid even on a strict organic diet) are a common source of heavy metals. As a result, most of us carry heavy metals that have been with us almost all of our lives and that have lodged deep in our tissues.

Unfortunately, it is these 'old' metals, which have been lurking in our system for a long time, that pose the greatest threat. For example, over time, toxic heavy metals can oxidize, damaging surrounding tissue and promoting inflammation. They literally poison our bodies and can cause damage to virtually every system and organ, including our brain, liver, digestive system and other parts of our nervous system. Toxic heavy metals put a huge strain on our immune system, making us vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

Although all types of toxins are harmfull, heavy metals pose a unique threat. Not only are they harmful in their own way, they are also a form of neurotoxin (a toxin that interferes with nerve function and messes with your immune system). Heavy metal neurotoxins can inflame and irritate our central nervous system (especially our brain), causing multiple symptoms such as memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, and depression. Toxic heavy metals can also promote inflammation in the digestive tract, which also releases toxins into our gut. As if this were not bad enough, heavy metals also serve as a food source for viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens in our bodies. By detoxing in the right way you starve all these pathogens!

For example, heavy metals can serve as a breeding ground for Streptococcus A or B, E. coli, C. difficile, H. pylori and yeast cells. This can cause an overgrowth of multiple bacteria in our gut, resulting in a condition known as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation (or both) and can lead to nutrient deficiencies. In addition, when viruses such as Epstein-Barr and shingles feed on toxic heavy metals, it can cause symptoms seen in neurological problems, such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, anxiety, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, and dizziness, as well as neck pain, aches, foot pain, pain in the back of the head (migraine) and a variety of other aches and pains that are often attributed to other causes.

It is virtually impossible in our modern times not to ingest a certain amount of these toxic heavy metals, so it is vital to our health that we get them out before they can further harm our health. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to clear them from our organs if we consume the right foods. Adding the following all-star team of foods to your diet and being diligent in your efforts to consume them will go a long way toward ridding your body of heavy metals:

Spirulina: This edible blue-green alga draws heavy metals from your brain, central nervous system, and liver, soaking up heavy metals extracted with Barley Grass raw juice powder extract powder.

Barley Grass raw juice powder: prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina. This nutritious grass has the ability to remove heavy metals from your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid and reproductive system.

Cilantro: Draws metals from deep and hard to reach places (so it's great for removing mercury passed along through conception). Blend one cup into a smoothie or juice, or add to salad or guacamole.

Wild Blueberries: Draws heavy metals out of your brain tissue, healing and repairing the holes created by oxidation when the heavy metals are removed from there. It is important to consume wild blueberries as they contain unique phytonutrients with special detoxifying properties. The powerful antioxidants in wild blueberries help reverse any oxidative damage done by the removal of heavy metals. This is especially important for your brain tissue - in fact, wild blueberries are the most powerful food for stopping or in some cases reversing Alzheimer's and dementia. Eat at least 200 grams daily. Note: While regular blueberries are nutritious, they lack the metal-pulling ability of the wild blueberries. Wild blueberries can be found in the freezer section of Albert Heijn.

Atlantic dulse: In addition to mercury, this edible seaweed binds to lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel. Unlike other seaweeds, Atlantic dulse is the most potent of them all and can single-handedly remove mercury from the body! Atlantic dulse goes to deep, hidden places of the digestive tract and gut, looking for mercury, binding to it and never releasing it until it leaves the body. Eat two tablespoons of flakes daily, or an equal number of strips if in the form of whole leaves. Note: If you're concerned about the dulse itself containing mercury since it comes from the ocean, keep in mind that Atlantic sea dulse doesn't release mercury. It traps the mercury as it makes its way through, even grabbing and expelling other metals along the way. Atlantic dulse is a critical part of the team because it can hang out near the finish line (i.e. our colon), waiting for the other food to grab hold of heavy metals along the way. It serves as an emergency backup and helps ensure that any heavy metals that the dihaving reached the gut, actually leave the body.

The smoothie recipe below offers you an easy and tasty way to get all these five foods in your daily diet at once. Drink this smoothie daily for optimal benefits.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie


Optional: water or coconut water or fresh orange juice for blending.

Take a red apple in combination with a piece of cucumber or celery stick halfway through the morning. So no food with fats until 12 o'clock!

You can add a two or three colon irrigation after 1 or 2 weeks of this program to get rid of toxins a quiker.

Well, good luck! It has become a long article. I hope you made it this far, haha. This is what I advise in my clinic and will bring you a lot of energy, it obviously takes some time. But see that many people already feel better after one week. Try to keep it up for a month (or longer of course). From lunchtime you do what you like.

If you want to go a step further or if you have serious health problems, please contact us for personal advice.


Ashwin Van Diermen

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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