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The emotional liver

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

An emotional liver, is that even possible? Yes, that it is!

Our liver does have feelings, just ask someone who has had a liver transplant. This person will confirm that their emotions have changed after this procedure. They have started to think differently, act differently.

The state of the liver is the basis of our emotional instability or stability. Anxiety and depression can occur when the liver is loaded with viruses. All viruses (EBV, HPV, CMV, etc.) seek refuge in the liver, where they release neurotoxins. These neurotoxins are then released from the liver into the blood.

In the first place, the liver helps us, it collects and stores toxins in the hope of being able to release it later. The problem, however, is that the supply has become far too large. It already starts during conception, toxins are already given to the unborn fetus. Not so bad in itself, because your liver can initially process this and work them out of the body, but our diet is getting worse, medication that is full of heavy metals, our globe that is increasingly polluted and so we are increasingly dealing with toxins. Today it is increasingly important to take care of a healthy liver. The dutch center of food education still indicates that detoxing in itself can do no harm, but that it doesn't bring you anything either! It is strange that more and more detox programs are being offered and that it is a hugely growing market. You could conclude from this that it must do something with how you feel, whether this is more energy, better skin, no more bloating, etc. And this is also true, detoxing is very good and therefore not crazy that this market is growing enormously! In our practice, detoxing has become a basic part of our treatments, not immediately heavy programs, but mild programs.

Anxiety, depression, anger, sadness it all has to do with what is happening in the liver. These emotions cause stress and this creates adrenaline rushes. This adrenaline saturates the liver, because the liver makes another attempt to protect you, preventing it from going to the heart and brain.

Adrenaline is a problem, the liver tries to hold on to as much of this adrenaline as possible until the liver is overfilled and overloaded. If it does reach the brain, then it is the electrical impulses in the brain that can cause a kind of short circuit. Emotions arise from a fatty liver, where the liver has to work harder and eventually loses much of its strength.

The liver can literally become grumpy and anger and frustration arise. The liver is an organ that we must treat with respect, if we don't do this, adrenaline is released every time we have to process something we don't like!

This adrenaline contains information and the liver absorbs it and also that information of the emotion you are feeling at that moment. There are many different blends of adrenaline and all of them weaken the liver. When the adrenaline gets trapped in the liver, the liver tries to lock it up in fat cells. When the liver releases the adrenaline, it goes into the body and creates emotions that are inexplainable. These can be old emotions that have been stored for years and years. You often see this coming off when we change our diet or do a detox. Even in a yoga class you sometimes see that people start crying for no reason, people don't know where its coming from. Yoga also works on the liver and frees up emotions.

When you get nervous and or scared for whatever reason, your liver wants to avoid being intoxicated with adrenaline and releases a hormone that pulls the adrenaline into the liver to protect you. Your liver can suck up excess adrenaline from periods of emotional stress. Over time, it has to let go of the adrenaline little by little, because it has no choice. It also releases this excess adrenaline during your detox, which can make you feel even more emotional during certain phases of a detox. While adrenaline is draining, you can experience the (old) pain and feel emotional during your detox. It is getting rid of emotions over the years that are stored in the liver. Your liver has taken over and held onto your emotional experience, purely to protect you at the time. You can then experience the same emotions as what you felt when the adrenaline was first released.

You may also feel extra emotional at the end of the calendar year, due to the adrenalin attached to toxins. The liver releases them and can also release emotions.

If you went to a funeral eight years ago and ate a ham sandwich there, your liver has stored all the ammonia and toxins from the ham, and if your liver is detoxing that ham, you will feel emotional and not know where its coming from. Thats the power of the liver!

You can now imagine that when people are depressed and emotional and don't know why. It could be that the liver has become overloaded and letting go of old emotions bit by bit, which may have been stored for years and you aren't feeling comfortable. Antidepressants may make you feel better, but they won't get your liver cleaned up! In fact, it will probably be over burnded even more and you will be on antidepressants for a very long time and you will not be able to get rid of them.

If you take care of your body, your body and therefore your liver will take care of you, your liver is like an organized storage place. If you're on a high-fat diet and you're purging your liver to make room for more, more adrenaline is pumped out.

When you detox, even in a healthy way, emotions can surface during the detox. If your body craves for candy, protein and fats, don't give in and eat a piece of vegetable and a piece of fruit! That's the way to help your liver and adrenal glands and avoid adrenaline rushes. Pure celery juice repairs your liver and repairs emotional damage. It carries this away more easily, so that you are less bothered by it.

Your liver really cares, it has feelings and we should embrace them. Taking care of your liver is the best way to stabilize your emotions.

Regards Aschwin

Orthomolecular therapist

Lyme recovery therapist

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