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The real cause of constipation!

Many people suffer from chronic constipation and unfortunately I see these problems that can occur with constipation becoming more and more severe. One person can go to the toilet every other day, another person doesn't go for 4 days and another person can't actually go to the toilet without laxatives. This continuous pressure on the intestine causes many problems, bloating, abdominal pain, the feeling that you are not done after the toilet, sticky poop, where you leave a dirty toilet and/or need a lot of paper, you name it. People come to my practice burdened with pain.

You often also see many other issues together with constipation, such as difficulty losing weight, sugar cravings, skin issues, menstrual problems, nausea, vomiting, extremely tired, headache/migraine, pain or tired sour muscles and even more serious ones. I therefore want to provide more clarity about the cause of constipation.


People often go to the doctor first and are given fiber bags first. You dissolve this in water and drink it, sometimes several times a day. A flavoring is often added to these fibers to make it tastier, but these flavorings taste so chemically that it actually only makes it more disgusting and most of the times these fibers don't even work, at least not always. If it works for you, just buy Psyllium fiber without additives. Because this is the same. We also use Psyllium in practice, but never for longer than two weeks, because it can also cause blockages, so be careful.

Fiber is actually not the solution at all. There are plenty of people who have a diet with far too little fiber and who do have good bowel movements. The real problem is often neurological, the nerves. The control of the intestinal muscles is not correct. Fibers do not ensure that the intestines work better. Yes, with fiber you get more volume in the stool, which puts more pressure on the intestinal wall and perhaps provides a better stimulus. This is really not a permanent solution. Your intestine is too full of waste products that ensure that there is no good stimulus to the intestinal muscles.

Toxins are therefore the real problem. Toxins accumulate in muscle tissue, resulting in reduced muscle function. Stool is waste and must be expelled. The intestine does this through a peristaltic movement, a relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the intestine that work together in a coordinated manner. In this way the stool is pushed out. As I mentioned, toxins can also accumulate in the intestinal wall, causing muscle function to decrease. But where do these toxins come from?

On the one hand, through the stool itself, this is really just waste and must be removed from the body. However, this not only causes an excess of toxins in the intestinal wall, but there is even more going on, namely pathogens!


Pathogens is a collective name for everything that can make the body sick. This includes viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. They can cause different problems among themselves. Viruses often cause a stabbing like pain, fungi cause flatulence, a bloated stomach is often caused by bacteria and parasites can cause the consistency of the stool to differ and joint stiffness. For example, you can have good stools for 5 days and then suddenly have diarrhea for 2 days. Diarrhea can also be caused by constipation, it is the body's way of resolving the constipation by drawing fluid to the intestine in the hope of making the stool thinner. What I often see is that constipation and a bloated abdomen are caused by a bacteria that has nested in the bile ducts. As a result, there is insufficient bile to digest fat, for example. The undigested fat ensures that the stool consists mainly of these undigested fats and sticks to the intestinal wall. As a result, you often notice a sticky stool that do not rinse away properly and you have the feeling that something is still there. You're not actually done and you need to go to the toilet again a short time later.


Pathogens can be active in the body at a low level, we call this dormant. This dormant state of pathogens won't make you feel sick at first, but they do release toxins! You see many people who feel fit, even though they have a stool for just a few times a week.

If you continue to follow an incorrect diet, this will result in less efficient disposal of these waste products. Our liver has to filter this and it can normally do this very well, but it cannot do everything. It will end at some point! Pathogens are therefore a major problem of constipation and must be treated. However, this is not always easy. Increase your vitamin C and zinc intake, for example is not sufficient, especially if the issues are as intense as I mentioned at the beginning. You must starve these pathogens by eating the right foods and cutting out the foods that feed pathogens. And there is a lot of disagreement about the latter in particular: some people allow you to eat this and others don't. We have been treating constipation for almost 20 years and we have tried different ways and we always come back to 1 way and that is to starve pathogens, combat them, give the liver and bile rest and clean the intestines. Cleansing can be done in various ways, such as with food, supplements and with colonics or enemas.

I recently spoke to a mother and her daughter has had constipation for years, but does not want to make an appointment because she thinks colon cleansing is scary, but her mother thinks her daughter has this problems for to long and called me. Colon cleansing is not always neccessary and often you can treat constipation just with food alone.


Constipation can really be resolved and you can have normal bowel movements again. You don't have to be in pain or tired. And this is also possible for you, you are really no exception to the rule. I have seen many people with constipation and unfortunately in the past I have not been able to help everyone, but now I dare to say that it can really be solved. Sometimes very quickly, but it can also take a little longer.

If you would like to discuss your problem with Aschwin without obligation, make a telephone appointment now at a time that suits you or just call right away!

Don't hesitate and find out the cause of your complaints.

Greetings Aschwin

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