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Folate 5-MTHF - folic acid

Innerwave detoxkuur

Innerwave complete fasting cure

Give your body rest and give waste products the chance to leave your body. Innerwave Intensive Juice Cleanse detox brings your body and mind back into balance. Not only will you lose some pounds, but you will also get more energy and a clear head!

This intensive cleansing program consists of 3 phases: preparation, juice detox, fasting and building. The package consists of colon cleansing and nourishing supplements, an enema set and a cure booklet. The spa booklet explains step by step how everything works.

What are the advantages?

  • Feeling fit, energetic and good in your skin (again)

  • Lose weight and fat

  • Provides more efficient fat burning

  • purifies skin when dull 

  • Is the perfect start to break bad eating habits like a sugar addiction 

  • Our  Detox Fasting cure   is easy to follow at home in privacy

  • Safe and trustworthy

  • 100% high-quality natural nutritional supplements

  • Unique and proven concept

  • Most complete Detox Fasting cure, with enema set for home

Slowjuice sap

Add juice?


Natural slow juice juices


Do you want to do a juice fast to support detoxing and lose weight?


Then view our juice cure with high-quality slow juice juices. When ordering you will receive a manual and schedule for the juice cure.


Box contents: 30 juices

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