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Solution for severe Hedwigs migraine

During the first Corona year, my wife (Hedwig) suddenly got a headache on a Friday, the next day it was still there and it also started to get worse. That day she basically stayed in bed all day with the curtains closed and the lights off. Dark and not too much loud noises. The next day the pain was excruciating, sharp stabbing pains, and she curled up completely in pain. Pain relief was really necessary at the time and she doesn't take that very quickly. That's when I started to worry too. You will quickly think it will be Corona or something, but no other symptoms were there. The rest of the family had no symptoms at all. So we still have to wait a little longer, I gave here some supplements, such as magnesium. And that took the edge off, but it really didn't mean she could get out of bed. Called the doctor on Tuesday, who recommended doing a Covid test, even though it didn't really look like Covid. Wednesday test, Thursday evening results, no Covid. Thats a good thing, you think on the one hand, but what is it then. The doctor called and we were able to come immediately. He measured the blood pressure and it was much too high. He gave her beta-blockers to lower blood pressure and migraine medication. I think antihypertensives, yes hello, but that's crazy. Where is this all suddenly coming from! That really didn't work for me. I immediately thought: "If this works, she will be on this medication for the rest of her life!" That's not going to happen, but I also thought, never mind. Before we left the doctor's door, he said to measure the CRP blood test (inflammation values), just to be sure. There is also a type of migraine that is triggered by inflammation. Hedwig did that test and we got the result immediately, which was nice. Result of 16. Upper limit is 10 and I have learned no higher than 1 in chronic illness, because above 1 you suffer from dormant inflammation. The GP said: "That it was okay, we don't do anything with it." We see values ​​of 80 here and only then you have an inflamation. We were a bit perplexed by this and I thought I'd look for a solution myself. I hear this to often from my clients!

So I kept looking, threw a ball at a Facebook group with similar colleagues. Acupuncture, shiatsu, hidden emotions, everything is mentioned, but nobody really comes up with a diagnosis. I eventually arrive at the Trigeminal nerve myself. We have a number of important nerves in our body that regulate everything in our body and if there is something with this, well, you can really notice this!!! From tingling to falling out, burning tongue, to extreme pain like Hedwig. The trigeminal nerve runs in 3 branches in the face, so I ask Hedwig, where exactly is your pain and she went with her finer exactly over those lines of this nerve (see also attached picture). It is also called facial pain. The pain is really terrible! There are people who have this for years.

If this nerve is inflamed, it can also raise blood pressure, so that explained a lot for Hedwig. Fortunately, the beta blocker did its job, even though we don't want this. But the headache was still there and she got tired and felt a pressure around her chest. Like a band. This is a side effect of the beta blockers. Hedwig immediately took only 1 pill of the beta blocker and again another day, but this caused the headache to increase again. Inflammation still present. (Pressure on the chest can also be caused by an inflamed phrenic nerve. You see this a lot in Long Covid patients. In most cases, the cardiologist cannot find anything, heart is ok. If you suffer from this, discuss this with your treating doctor)

By now I had already put her on a whole arsenal of supplements, which nourish the nerves and reduce inflammation. Lysine, lemon balm, magnesium, curcuma, perfect food and it was only when she started taking the right B12 that the pain became less. She was also unlucky as the B12 should have been in by Friday and didn't come until Wednesday! That Wednesday we also went back to the GP (a different we got) and she confirmed that it was the trigeminal nerve. "What can we do about this then?" Hedwig rightly asks. Then we saw the GP look like, I really have no idea and she literally shrugged! There you are again. So I thought, just do what we're doing now and you'll be fine. It also went well, the 2nd day after using the B12 the pain subsided and she immediately stopped taking the beta blocker. She has not used the migraine medication at all. Hedwig is really against medication, only really in extreme emergencies. I thought this was of those emergencies, but she still didn't take the doctor's prescription. She's a though one!! haha.

By now it was Friday and already 2 weeks with this pain, but from this day on already a lot less and Hedwig even said, Monday I will go back to work. Because she canceled all her appointments as if we weren't stressed enough already.

A week furhter and she was actually doing very well. She couldn't lie on the side yey where the pain was. But the pressure and pain were gone. I think after about a week or three from this point, all the pain was gone.

Now you are naturally wondering how this happened. The Friday when it all started we had a lot of stress. Because of Corona, another organized weekend was canceled. This costs us a lot of money and all the hassle that comes with it. This all became too much for Hedwig and logical too. Fortunately, it always works out, but at the moment you are really in a lot of stress.

Such a moment of stress can therefore be a trigger for a migraine attack or any other disease. When stressed, the immune system can collapse in such a way that viruses and bacteria have free rein. In the case of nerve-related issues that are not caused by injury due to an accident, for example, the cause is always a dormant virus that suddenly becomes active and starts to secrete neurotoxins that inflame the nerve pathways. It is then important to get the stress under control by supporting the adrenal glands, feeding the nerves extra, boosting liver detoxification and tackling the virus. Somethings it goes quite quickly, as was the case with Hedwig. But there are people who have this pain for years, the virus is getting stronger in the meantime. The immune system also remains weak, even if the trigger / moment of stress is gone, there is now stress due to the severe pain that someone experiences and you remain stuck in a circle.


It was especially the B12 that did a lot for Hedwig. Recently I had a lady in my clinic, who did not have much time during the 3rd consultation. Before she came to me she had picked up her son from the train station and he was waiting in the car with a very bad migraine. I then advised her to give her son 2 droppelfulls of B12 in combination with 4 caps of Magnesium as soon as they came home. All in at once. The next morning we texted and the migraine almost went away immediately after he had taken this.

I want to indicate that this too can be cured, it will probably just take a little longer. There must be an exchange of food that feeds viruses with food that viruses do not like. Bad out and good in. You need help with that!

If you also have these kinds of health issues, don't hesitate and ask me your question.

Regards Aschwin

Orthomolecular therapist

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