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Something about my current approach to chronic illness.

Dear readers, since 2005 I have been helping people with health problems through Orthomolecular medicine. We have seen and been able to guide a lot of people since then. We have done a lot of colonic irrigations with and without detox programs. In addition, we have also been able to supervise a lot of Sportfasting programs. All good programs, but I still missed something in all of them. I myself still had many questions that I didn't get answered, not from education, from fellow therapists and/or further training. At some point I came across the book "Medical Medium". Didn't buy the book, but I'm always interested in Mediums and his book stuck with me and a little later I came across Medical Medium again via Instagram. This guy post a lot of success stories on his account and that's why I've continued to follow him. Success stories are still shared daily.

At one point I got 2 large psoriasis spots on my shin, it didn't look good. Dry, red and almost bleeding. Was a bit shocked, but I thought, let's just fix that. I regularly see psoriasis patiënts, so that had to be fine. However, due to my approach, which always works for my clients, it didn't do much for me. I already ate very healthy, a few times a day vegetables, fruit, not too much meat. Probably more is needed I thought then. In the meantime I was already 2 months further and without result. Then I had to think about Medical Medium again. His basic advice is to start drinking pure celery juice on an empty stomach. So I immediately started doing this and it was really amazing, within a week the psoriasis spots were completely gone. After about three weeks I stopped using the celery juice, but the spots came back. Not so bad, but back anyway. Immediately started again with the celery juice and completely gone within a few days. Then drank this for a few months and stopped again to see if the spots came back. Actually I didn't want to stop because it has brought me so much more, but just as a test to see if the spots came back. I never saw them again!

When this brought me so many results, I also started to delve more into all his advice, I read all his books and followed a course on his website. All questions I had about nutrition have actually been answered, of course many new questions were added, but these were more questions of how is that possible, I learned something completely different! Yet I just continued to advise what I learned from Medical Medium. What I find most special is that results are noticed quickly. People often feel more energetic after one week! I now see that people think wrong with Chronic illness, you can start to feel better, but you often remain with complaints. This can really be much better! Thanks to these new insights I can give much better advice. It gives much more insight into someone's complaint; where is the 'real' cause and, above all, how do you solve it. Because yes, I believe that everything can be solved. I'm not saying I'm ready, but according to Medical Medium I've been advising for about 3 to 4 years now and have seen much more complex complaints than the 12 years before that I had the practice. Many autoimmune diseases that are thought to have no cure and you will have to learn to deal with them, are actually curable. You have to look at the complaints differently and treat them differently. It's all much clearer now. This made me so enthusiastic about his advice that I also started advising my clients on celery juice and the other advice. Actually, after 3 weeks that I drank the celery juice myself, I started with it and it gave great results for everyone. For eczema, constipation, rheumatism, headache/migraine, neurological complaints, etc.

There is also a lot to say about supplements. There are many supplements and many providers. Many supplements contain additives that can be harmful, not always directly. They can build up in your body and eventually cause complaints. This is because they are a food source for pathogens. One person does not notice this immediately, but you also see people who react immediately when ingesting this substance and then immediately get a headache, a bloated stomach or abdominal cramps. You do not always immediately make the link yourself, because you think it is a supplement, then it must be good and the manufacturer will really not put anything in it that is bad. Well, they do! Often out of cost savings, but often also because they simply do not know this. Think for example of titanium dioxide, this is a colorant that makes the supplement nice white or aromas. These aromas give a taste to a lozenge or a liquid supplement. I think aromas are the worst thing you can get in chronic illness. You are feeding the problem directly! Flavors are MSG or the E number E621. This is one hell of a dust. I have placed some more information about this on my website, read this via -> I now see many people in practice who have already heard the advice of Medical Medium, it is fantastic that this knowledge travels around so quickly. Unfortunately, the information he provides is often overwhelming and it is not always possible to achieve results with this knowledge. I see that for many people it remains a kind of puzzle and they do not know exactly where to start. An autoimmune disease, such as psoriasis, MS or Rheumatism is also quite complicated and you have to treat the complaint in different ways. I often see people in practice and they say this: "Aschwin I've tried everything, one diet after another and or one supplement after another, 6 different therapists, doctors, neurologists, you name it, but none of it helped." I often say, it will all have done something, but often you have to combine different therapies and/or different supplements. Food is also quite something, if you realize that most diseases are caused by a pathogen (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites). These pathogens feed on, for example, gluten, dairy and eggs, it is not always easy to leave this out and apply it in your daily life. Fortunately, there are now many healthy substitutes that are also very tasty. If you combine this with the right supplements, you will see results! Small steps are also steps and these immediately give a noticeable result.

Finally, the chronically ill has something to hold on to! The person knows that there is a solution for his or her complaints and that one can feel much better than all those years of pain, feeling weak, tired, sleeping badly, terrible itching, feeling really sick all the time and much more. Sometimes people get rid of their complaints very quickly, which I also think, it is really amazing what happens here and with others it takes longer. Unfortunately, the time frame is unpredictable, but they are all feeling better and there is hope again that a full recovery is possible. Regards Aschwin Orthomolecular therapist & Medical Medium advisor #chronicallyill #innerfresh #aschwin #medicalmedium #celeryjuicemovement #solutionchronicallyill #detoxing #sportfasting #fasting #intestinalirrigation #colonhydrotherapy #orthomoleculartherapy #orthomoleculartherapist

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