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Innerfresh uses the Prognos® measuring system to find out the cause behind your health problems (viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites) and find which treatment is necessary. The measurement is included in the consultation and in this way we can keep costs low. Prognos also ensures that in most of the cases no expensive additional examinations are required, such as faecal examinations and or blood tests. You will also receive immediate advice during the consultation so you can start straight away to a better health!

For more information or to make an appointment, please call Aschwin on 0651249421 or book a free telephone call following the link below.

What is prognos
Using the Prognos measurement system can offer a solution for various complaints. Prognos® is a computer-aided diagnosis and therapy system developed by Russian space physicians based on acupuncture principles. The system registers energetic disturbances, for which it can identify 19 causes and indicate how the existing complaints can be improved or cured.




Prognos® provides reproducible measurements and is used in complementary medicine for the chronically ill. Prognos® is not only used in practices and clinics for diagnosis and therapy, but is also useful for optimizing sports performance, reducing absenteeism and supporting 'anti-aging' programs. In practice, Prognos® has proven to be particularly effective for chronic complaints such as ME, eczema and fibromyalgia.

The energy of the meridians is measured with a measuring pen. This is done through the so-called Ting points, which are the beginning or end points of the meridians and are located on the hands and feet. Extensive research has shown that the measurements are reliable and repeatable.


In the Benelux, approximately 150 practitioners work with Prognos® and it is DIN EN ISO certified according to the latest standards of 2014.


The treatment

The “Integral Diagnosis and Therapy” module (IDT®) is part of PROGNOS® and is a system for identifying causes of complaints and determining treatment strategies. IDT® has been developed in practice by combining scientific facts and practical experience.

Regular health care in prosperous countries is at a high level and is achieving good results. The downside is that many symptoms are combated and little attention is paid to prevention and causes of complaints. Prognos® strives to integrate alternative and regular medicine, to identify the causes of complaints and to use effective therapy. The “Integral Diagnosis and Therapy” module enables the identification of these causes and the determination of optimal therapy.


The “Integral Diagnosis and Therapy” module focuses first of all on determining the causes of complaints and which diagnosis / therapy groups should be treated first. Subsequently, it is determined which therapies can effectively combat the demonstrated causes. IDT® makes it possible to draw conclusions about the causes of complaints in a short time and to start effective therapy.


The 24 main meridians (left and right 12 ), as described by acupuncture, each have a relationship with a certain organ, a system, an emotion, a dental element, a chakra, an energy flow in the course of the meridian and part of the musculoskeletal system. Because of these relationships, the meridian system is a comprehensive system and at the same time a complete system of essential life energy and information flows.

Sound scientific research, including at Portland State University in Oregon, has shown that the measurements are reliable. See Colbert, Oregon for the original study, or download the entire study. See also Prognos .


Prognos® is currently used in more than 55 countries with 5000 users in the "complementary" but also in the regular circuit.


In 2010, Bijblijven 2010-1, New Birds in Medicine, a journal for General Practitioners, included an article about Prognos®. The article was created because GPs are increasingly confronted with patients who have been measured with Prognos and are treated on the basis thereof. Given the good results, there is a need among GPs to refer to such practices.

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