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Need a recipe?

Then look below, all tasty and healthy and all recipes are vegan and very nutritions.
If you want in the evening some chicken of fish at diner, no problem. 

Tip: immediately after waking up, take a large glass of lukewarm water containing the juice of a

squeezed lemon. And no, this is not bad for your teeth!

Below you can download different recipes, from breakfast to dinner.

Reboot with Joe

Diabetes recipes

Medical Medium recipes


The download below is from



Juices and Smoothies


bread recipe


Banana Strawberry Bread


Apple pie pancakes










Healthier cakes




Dishes for the little ones among us




Cancer and Epstein Bar virus

Smoothie Medicalmedium

Delicious dressings can turn a simple salad into a delicious meal!

Find more fat-free dressing at

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