Need a recipe?

then look below, all tasty and healthy. All recipes are vegan and with that

full-fledged, but still feel like a piece of fish or chicken, just fry it with it.

Why rather vegan?

The fats from animal products block the absorption of sugar in the liver. The liver

needs these sugars just so badly for its effect. If the liver is not working properly, then

you quickly fill up with toxins and you feel less well.

Tip: take a large glass of lukewarm water with the juice of one immediately after waking up

squeezed lemon. And no, this is not bad for your teeth!

Below you can download various recipes, from breakfast to dinner and via the

following link you will also find a lot of recipes.


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Juices and Smoothies

Bread recipe

Banana Strawberry Bread

Apple pie pancakes





Healthier cakes


Dishes for the little ones among us


Cancer and Epstein Bar virus

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Diner Medicalmedium.gif

Cocunut Curry, see Dinner

Raspberry and Lime Chia pudding, see Breakfast