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The fear of fruit!

We all eat very little fruit and judging by the average, we also eat enough days without fruit or no fruit at all!

Fruit is the most important food there is and especially if you are sick and that applies to all diseases! You used to get a fruit basket when you were sick, but you don't hear anything about that anymore.

Many people avoid it, because they have become prey to the fear of fruit. Fruit contains sugar and we have become afraid of sugar. Sugar makes us fat and it feeds diseases like cancer. I recently had someone in practice say no to a glass of orange juice, because she thougth it would make her fat! It's gone all the way and gone in the wrong direction. The Ketogenic diet also contributes to this. With this diet you almost ignore the carbohydrates, you could compare it with the Atkins diet. Only healthier products are chosen.

We have become afraid of fruit, because it would make us gain weight. I have known a woman, busy job, but really much too heavy. Weighed over 100 kilograms. She had lost 40 kilos by eating fruit when she got hungry. Other than that she ate normally. I have an acquaintance and he is a fruitarian and eats 30 bananas a day! I'm not saying that this is very healthy again, but he is super fit, strong and especially slim! Hmm, does fruit make you fat then? I want to indicate that you do not get fat from the sugars of fruit. The sugars in fruit, but also just as well in potatoes, are not the culprit. The sugar serves as a means of transport for all the nutrients contained in fruit and in this way contributes to combating disease! You can think of sugar as the Trojan horse!

Why is fruit so important?

We need vitamin C

There are many nutrients we don't need to survive, but we can't live without vitamin C! You need this every day and fruit is where the most vitamin C is!

Fruit is antiviral and antibacterial

One of the biggest reasons why fruit is so important is that it stops pathogenic viruses and bacteria. If we take the Streptococcus bacteria, which is the cause of IBS, SIBO, sinus problems, bladder infections, throatissues, eye-inflammation and acne, this bacteria lives in different parts of the body. But if we eat fruit, it will kill the bacteria and then remove it from the body. However, fruit is blamed for these issues and we have started avoiding it. And yes, I know, in the past I used to be careful in my advice with fruit for intestinal issues, but I was wrong there too. We should start eating fruit, this will clear up and the problems will go away. And quite quickly too! I see so many positive changes since I started advising this.

Fruit helps against aging

We all know that fruit contains antioxidants, but we actually have no idea what this means. Initially, we cannot live without antioxidants, without which life is not possible. The antioxidants in fruit stop oxidation, oxidation is the process that makes us older and sick. Oxidation is like a nail that rusts. Antioxidants protect you against this rust. Fruit also ensures that heavy metals in our body cannot oxidize. An example of heavy metals is mercury. This is, among other things, in amalgam fillings and in tuna. Everyone has heavy metals in his or her body, we can no longer escape that. When heavy metals oxidize, it creates chemicals that clog our brain cells and cause less communication between them. You often hear people talk about a fog in their head or cotton wool, everything feels deaf and the concentration is not as it should be. This fog is due to the oxidation of accumulated metals.

This oxidation leads to many neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's, ADHD, memory loss, Parkinson's, depression, anxiety and more. Fruit, especially wild blueberries, help to prevent this oxidation and stop the deterioration of our brain.

Fruit not only helps with neurological problems, but one by one with all diseases or vague issues that people suffer from.

Sugar is the fuel for our cells

Sugar, which we have all become so afraid of and almost becomes our enemy, feeds every cell in our body and especially our brain! It's all about the right types of sugars, which can be found in fresh fruits and foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. You may have read that the brain contains a lot of fat, this popular trend is not correct. The brain is full of glycogen (stored sugar). When you suffer from a brainfog, it actually means that your brain is not getting enough sugar to function in a normal way. When we don't have enough sugar in our cells, we die. It is absolutely necessary to keep our bodies running. On the other hand, fat is non-essential for our survival. If you try to keep all sugars out of your diet, your body will already use up reserves to keep you alive and eventually the body will stop functioning or you will collapse and you will give in to, say, a bar of chocolate or filled cakes. And yes this happens in the middle of the store and before you have been able to pay; or you steal some fries from your neighbor while you eat salad yourself or you drink a glass of wine or a glass of beer when you come home from work. The body then asks for sugar and your blood sugar drops to the lowest point and you have an appetite for everything that is bad for you. It's not for nothing that we crave sweets, right after dinner and sometimes even throughout the day! It is very important to know that every nutrient we need cannot be absorbed without sugar! Sugar is the means of transport and without sugar we lack nutrients. This means that no matter how many supplements you take or how organic your food is, it won't get into your cells without sugar! More about this effect can be found in the book Liver Rescue and at lectures that I regularly give.

What happens to fruit if your diet consists of a lot of fat.

Many people blame fruit for their issues or are told by their therapist, but in reality their issues are due to too much fat in their diet. This is also the case with people who think they cannot eat fruit because they are said to have a fructose intolerance. A diet high in fat does not necessarily mean one of the diets that call themselves a low carbohydrate diet.

Almost any diet can be too high in fat. Our standard diet and what we think of as healthy is too high in fat. Hamburgers, French fries, bacon, yogurt, milk, cheese, chicken breasts, fat itself, store bought foods can all be very high in fat.

When someone has a low carbohydrate diet, they often don't realize that they are eating a lot of fat. Even a chicken breast without the skin is full of fat. Even if you are a vegetarian, there is still a good chance that you eat a lot of dairy, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, kefir, ice cream and butter. All full of fat. Vegans also often eat too much fat, by eating a lot of nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut and oils. These products may contain healthy fats, but too much can cause problems.

What is the problem then?

The problem is in the combination of fat and sugar. If we eat fat with every meal, even if it is a healthy fat, the absorption of sugar is blocked. The fat we eat circulates through your blood for 12 hours and during this period the absorption of fruit sugar is hindered. Sugar from sweets, cakes, biscuits and processed foods is always blocked, which is like putting gasoline in a diesel engine. Your liver then gets too little energy and starts asking for it again. You get blood sugar fluctuations. The annoying thing is that you just get hungry for filled cakes, marches and snickers!!

My advice is to eat no fat at all untill lunch and no to little fat untill dinner and then increase fruit significantly. You can then safely eat a piece of chicken or fish for dinner. In this way, all the sugars you consume until dinner are well absorbed and you nourish the body! 12 hours later it is 06:00 in the morning and all sugars from fruit and potatoes are simply used and burned. Purely only because no fat is eaten with it.

If you would like to discuss your health issues with Aschwin without obligation, make an appointment by telephone now at a time that suits you!

Don't hesitate and find out the cause of your health issues!

Regards Ashwin

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